Top 10 Sandboxie Alternative for Windows & Linux

Sandboxes can be encountered when software components must be utilized but cannot presently be verified or trusted. Sandboxed components are frequently thought to be harmful or vulnerable to assault. Popular browser engines (e.g., Google Chrome and Internet Explorer), productivity applications (e.g., Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader), and operating system kernels, for example, have all been sandboxed to varying degrees.


Virtual machines, which execute software on emulated hardware distinct from the rest of the host system, are often employed in malware research to confine dangerous calculations. At the same time sandboxes are used in mobile ecosystems to restrict the damage rogue programs may wreak on a device.  

In a world full of complicated components, sandboxes provide some solace: instead of testing intractably perplexing software systems, sandbox them and try the comparatively basic sandbox.

What else do popular sandboxes have in common? They rely heavily on specific coarse-grained operating system characteristics, are mostly invisible to users of sandboxed components, and make minimal use of decades of expertise in the domain of software security sandboxing.

Pros and Cons of Sandboxie

The crux of most application sandbox techniques is to limit the code an application may ever run on a system by lowering the system rights assigned to that program, even while the user permissions are elevated elsewhere on the computer.

According to Valasek, the constrained permissions paradigm is a practical impediment for malware that requires high access levels to take control of a system. “For example, a person’s capabilities on a system do not exactly correlate to the rights an Adobe Reader X process has when run by the same user in a sandboxed process,” he explains. “As a result, if there is vulnerability, an attacker will be unable to do unpleasant things like writing files to disc.”

However, this does not necessarily mean that sandboxing addresses the vulnerability and exploit problem; all an attacker needs to do is uncover a weakness that will elevate privileges to a higher level, allowing more excellent exploit capabilities, according to Valasek.” These can be located in either the sandbox’s parent process or the operating system itself,” he explains. “Windows kernel vulnerabilities are quite common for privilege escalation since, if exploited, they give the user complete control of the system.”

Alternatives for Sandboxie

1. Cameyo

Cameyo has been around for a long, helping customers who need to execute software without causing damage to their machine. You may use this application to try any software without installing it on your PC. As a result, you may explore the features in a safe atmosphere.


Cameyo operates straightforwardly. It transforms a regular application into portable software that does not require installation on your operating system. When you need to launch it, simply double-click the file and begin. It not only protects your device but also enables you to make portable versions of any program.

2. Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is a strong Sandboxie replacement that will keep your PC secure from malware. By running a virtual environment, it operates on the same premise as its virtualization utility equivalents. This isolated environment, known as Shadow Mode, permits actions in any untrusted apps.

This tool emphasizes the ability to define which files and folders you wish to store permanently in a natural environment. As a result, any vital files will be saved. If you enjoy trying out new applications but want to keep your machine secure, Shadow Defender has you covered.

It not only protects you against viruses and malware, but it also allows you to surf safely and delete traces. Your privacy is likewise safeguarded, and central tenancy costs are reduced. Even though there is no free edition of Shadow Defender, the features are worth considering.

3. Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox will protect your computer from malware. It gives a virtual environment in which any program may execute, preventing viruses from infiltrating your machine. It provides some peace of mind whether you are running trustworthy or untrusted programs.

Shade Sandbox emphasizes strong protection against malware and threats, even new and undiscovered ones. Using the drag and drop tool, you can easily secure your PC. Drag and drop the application shortcuts you wish to protect and launch. Forget about the fact that you’re in a confined space.


One of the most valuable applications of Shade Sandbox is to safeguard your browser. There is no need to worry about malware if you use your internet browser in an isolated setting. This best Sandboxie replacement may collaborate with other security products to give additional protection.

4. Firejail

If you use Linux, Firejail is an excellent approach to secure your computer. Because it is written in the C programming language, this application works effectively to keep your Linux system secure. It provides a secure environment for testing new software. It operates by isolating the intended application’s environment. Firejail, like other virtualization programs, allows applications of many sorts to be processed, such as graphical apps, user login, and servers. It also includes security profiles for Firefox, Chromium, VLC, and other popular browsers.

Firejail is a little sandbox software with valuable features that you should not neglect. It provides a specific setting using a simple and user-friendly interface. It might be a smart bet for both new and experienced users.

5. Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is a free and open-source malware analysis system that lets you instantly delete suspicious files. It establishes an isolated environment where you may learn more about the program, such as how it operates or whether it impacts specific components.


You are entirely protected since you have been disconnected from the main system. Because of its ability to examine harmful files, track API calls, monitor network traffic, and many other functions, this is an excellent alternative to Sandboxie. It may also use Volatility to do memory analysis on infected virtual systems.

6. Buffer zone

With Buffer zone, you can browse safely. This free Sandboxie replacement isolates your web browser to safeguard your system from viruses or hazards. Email attachments, virtual containers, web browsers, and other components may be separated.


When exploring or downloading new applications, you may have some peace of mind by using this program. When you start your web browser, it will be instantly placed in a virtual environment. If the browser is launched securely, it should have a red border, whereas programs should have green walls.

The advantage of a Buffer zone is that it allows for reading rather than writing. When you access a rogue web, you can do actions without endangering the system. However, the website will be terminated if it attempts to write against your system.

7. Enigme Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box is a virtualization tool designed for Windows that provides adequate assistance to save your system from dangerous attacks. It aids in the consolidation of apps into a single executable file without sacrificing efficiency. That is how you may utilize the software without extracting them to disc. This freebie is excellent for developing apps or testing new software before installing it on your PC. You may virtualize any program, including untrusted ones, with support for every form of the file. You may also compress virtual files to make them smaller in size.

The best thing is that Enigma Virtual Box is an entirely free program. You do not have to pay anything to use the features. Before you hurry to the website and download the complete version, check sure you have Windows 2000 or above.

8. Any.Run

Any.Run, like Sandboxie, provides an interactive isolated environment in which you may address questionable actions. While doing efficient and speedy malware analysis, this tool allows you to interact with the operating system yet receive a timely answer.

It’s easy to get started with our cloud-based sandbox. All you have to do is sign up with an email address and a password. You’ll also need to validate the password before it’s available for use. There is a lot of information, but you might be interested in the task button, which allows you to begin an afresh analysis.

Once the task button is pressed, select a file to analyze from your computer, an external device, or a URL. This Sandboxie replacement is free for personal use, which is excellent news for you. However, if you want to explore additional features, you must upgrade to premium editions.

9. Deep Freeze

Faronics’ Deep Freeze is another tool for protecting your device from suspicious activity or spyware. You can utilize the third-party program to reverse any modifications performed by other users or viruses. Simply restart the computer to undo anything that has been altered.

It’s easy to understand how this application works. When an end-user attempts to write to your administrative file, this tool records any changes. These changes will then be erased when the machine is restarted. However, you must specify the format of the administrative file.

Although Deep Freeze operates slightly differently from Sandboxie, it allows you to secure the system from any alterations produced by viruses or questionable users. However, because so many things might go wrong, it is relatively ineffective to ensure that everything in the system is in working order.

10. Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze is worth considering if you don’t mind an application that functions a little differently. This program generates a duplicate of the original system. This virtual environment allows you to run apps without affecting the physical surroundings. In other words, it keeps your real operating system frozen.

This is an excellent method for protecting the system against malicious attacks or undesired alterations. Nothing can destroy your system if you have Toolwiz Time Freeze installed. When you’re finished with the test, simply reboot the system, and everything will be returned to its original state.

And when it says “everything will be restored,” it indicates that any modifications made to the settings will be reversed. Any downloaded files from the internet will be deleted. Unwanted changes can also be undone with a simple restart. As a result, this software is essential for keeping your gadget in excellent working order.


Internet browsing, gaming, and downloading external files will allow viruses and malware to infiltrate the operating system. These are some of the most authentic Sandboxie alternatives that increase system performance by making it clean and fresh again. You are not required to pay anything to utilize them. As it connects to the internet and USB devices like pen drives, the computer is constantly infected with viruses and spyware. Use one of the most acceptable Sandboxie replacements described above to keep your device virus-free.

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