How Many People Still Use Desktop Compared to Mobile

Are you a desktop-user? Or do you prefer to use a mobile device while browsing the internet and playing games? The way we use technology is changing every year. More people than ever before are online- about 58.8% of the world’s total population. That is no small number.

Plus, with new devices and technology, more and more people gain access to the internet each day. If you are interested in learning more about these trends, be sure to keep reading. We are going to be covering a lot in this article.

Who Makes Up Organic Searches?

A Statista study reviewed the amount of mobile users who make up organic search visits. During the last five years, they noticed a major increase in how many people used mobile devices to conduct internet searches.

In 2013, 27% of organic search engine clicks came from mobile devices. It went up steadily that year to 33%. They would conduct the same research later, in 2019. During those six years, mobile device use continued to grow.

In late 2018, 56% of search engine visits came from mobile users. That means that mobile traffic for search engines was consistently growing- and would likely continue to do so. Mobile traffic likely overtakes desktop traffic soon enough.

Amount of Time Spent Online Per Day

Over time, people have changed the ways that they consume media. This would include how people view social media, TV and movie streaming, music, and reading online articles.

Since 2013, the amount of time people spend checking media on a desktop has declined a bit. However, more people are using mobile devices to perform the same function. With easier access to media on the go, it makes sense that more and more people are using mobile devices for social media purposes.

Plus, there are mobile apps access to a mobile online casino, and the ability to browse the internet on the go when it comes to cell phones. Mobile devices tend to be more appealing during today’s age because of this.

In 2013, desktop users were using their computer to browse media for an average of 144 minutes each day. This would drop to 128 minutes by 2019.

Mobile users would check media on their devices less often in 2013, only averaging about 88 minutes every day. By 2019, the amount of time spent checking media on a mobile device was up to 203 minutes each day.

This huge jump shows how more and more people are using their devices for entertainment. Since media is easier to access on a mobile device now more than in the past, it is way more appealing to use. Plus, many people view mobile devices as more convenient.

Desktop VS Mobile Usage

According to TechJury, most internet traffic today is mobile. A majority of B2B inquiries are made through mobile, and most social media visits are mobile. Still, there are situations where people prefer to use their desktop.

These are some Desktop VS Mobile stats that are important to consider:

  • When using multiple devices to make a purchase, the sale is closed on a mobile device 58% of the time.
  • 63% of U.S. online traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • 40% of internet users only conduct searches through a smartphone.

Important Stats to Consider

When it comes to desktop VS mobile stats, there is a lot to consider. If you happen to be a developer or run your own website or blog- you will want to remember to design for mobile too. Unoptimized sites are often ignored by mobile users, who quickly make up a large portion of the internet.

First of all, about 60% of online U.S. traffic comes from mobile devices. This number is also expected to increase each year as more people update their phones and tablets.

However, more time is spent on desktops when it comes to visiting web pages. Mobile users tend to quickly click on a new page, while desktop users will stick around for longer. People will tend to use their desktops for research instead of social media.

For instance, people will browse banking, property, travel, and automotive topics on their PC over their phone. This is likely because they plan to sit down and read about these topics for a longer amount of time.

Mobile devices are still preferred when the user wants a fast answer to something. For example, health, news, sports, and food are topics that are primarily searched by mobile users.

Let’s see a small video about PC Games vs Mobile games.

So How Many People are Still on Desktop?

As you can see, the internet is accessed by a mix of mobile and desktop users. However, more and more people prefer to use their smartphone for social media and quick search results. While desktop use is on the decline, people still prefer it for conducting research.

Desktop computers are still used in offices, which means that many people still use them daily for work. Plus, video game enthusiasts tend to buy high-quality PC’s to run their favorite games. In short, many people still use desktops for work and entertainment.

Still, with 96% of Americans owning some kind of cell phone, it makes sense that we see growth in the mobile device uses each year. You can continue this number to grow, although desktop use will likely stay the same or slightly decline- it is not likely to die out completely in the foreseeable future.


In short, there are still a good number of people who use desktop computers when compared to mobile devices. Most people will use a mix of both but have certain preferences. For example, desktops tend to be used for longer research sessions, while mobile devices are the preferred option for checking media.

In the upcoming years, we can expect mobile device use to continue growing. With more and more people owning smart devices, it makes sense to see these numbers go up.

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