The Main Chips and Secrets of Diablo 4 that a Beginner Should Know

Most recently, the long-awaited continuation of the Diablo series at number 4, and despite the fact that the time of the OBT made it possible to explore all the locations and mechanics far and wide, there are still activities and opportunities that you just have to find and discover for yourself and possibly for other players.


First, you need to take care of the issue of gold -- this is the main and most demanded resource in the world of Diablo, which will help solve any issue regarding equipment, weapons, stones, and other materials that dramatically enhance the character.

The fact is that all characters start their journey with a complete lack of equipment, and the first levels will have to be obtained in battle, along with starting equipment. Someone will be lucky, and a suitable weapon for the selected class will immediately fall out, and then the pumping will go at an accelerated pace, while someone will have to tinker and spend more time.

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First Horse

In Diablo 4, it is possible to get your own mount and speed up movement between locations and get a new way for mobility and maneuvers when moving between locations and acts.

To get it, you need to go through three acts from the storyline and go to Kiovoshad -- there, you will find the task of Dar Donan. You will make your way to the Cathedral of Light, and for completing the task, you will be given the first horse. You cannot improve or pump this horse in any way, but you can transform and customize it as you see fit.

Repairing Items in Diablo 4

As in all previous versions, in Diablo, each item has its own durability threshold, consumed in combat encounters -- against monsters or other players.

When the durability of an item reaches 0, it will go from active to inventory and will not be available for use until the repair procedure.

Keep in mind that trouble with breakage can overtake you in battle, so it is advisable to always have spare weapons and armor if you like to farm for a long time and have a habit of checking the status of all equipment before a serious fight, so as not to get into a difficult situation, not knowing where to retreat taking a lot of damage before switching to spare equipment.

You can repair any equipment and weapons with the help of any blacksmith in the cities; the main thing is to have a good supply of gold because the more valuable the item, the more expensive it will be to repair it.


Fame, Ways to increase it, and Rewards in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, the player can gain fame among other gamers by completing various important tasks and activities that are key to the Blizzard servers.

Here is a list of actions that will earn renowned points:

  • Reach new territory
  • Touch and activate Lilith’s Altar
  • Open the gates for future travels
  • Complete optional quests that are not related to the overall storytelling of Diablo 4
  • Completely clear the dungeon of monsters
  • Defeat all enemies in the fortress

Rewards for reaching a new level of fame

  1. 3,000 gold coins and one skill point, you need to score 200 points.
  2. 10,000 gold and a healing potion, you must pass the 500 points mark.
  3. 25,000 coins and a skill score, you need to score 900 points.
  4. 60,000 gold and 80 obols, you need to get 1400 points.
  5. 150,000 coins and 4 paragons, you need to overcome the milestone of 2000 points.

What are the Aspects and Where to Get Them

Diablo 4 has special materials called Aspects. These are special items that can enhance mythic and legendary equipment by infusing aspects into it.

Due to these modifiers, you can enhance the main characteristics of the character, but it is important to consider that each aspect is tied to a specific dungeon, which you have to concentrate on to get it.

Study the diary to understand the location of aspects and other information.

Don’t sell or break all gear that has aspects -- it can be retrieved in the future and used on new gear in the future.

Healing Potions

To be able to comfortably farm monsters and destroy bosses, you need to always keep healing potions on hand to keep your health levels high and avoid unnecessary deaths.

Healing potions can be obtained for pumping levels and increasing the level of fame.

The total power of such potions can be increased by alchemists, who can also be contacted for other potions and enhancements.

Other Diablo 4 Newbie Tips

Experiment with builds -- You will have to pay gold to swap skills and be able to learn them again, but it’s worth it to find the perfect build for your play style and really enjoy and profit from your Diablo 4 game.

Set the loot display shortcut in the settings -- one of the most common problems in Diablo is to study the loot, forgetting that all this time, you remain vulnerable and check everything that you managed to loot is worth, either after the battle or in the peaceful zone. To avoid missing anything, set the setting to show the loot label, and you can view a list of all loot with a single button, highlighting the most valuable and putting it on without spending a lot of time examining the loot for value.

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Use personal storage -- one of Diablo’s big problems is the huge amount of items that take up space in the inventory and are of value now or in the future, and it is better to save such items for the future. For such purposes, there is a player’s storage, where you can put all unnecessary items for the future. Check it regularly because all the extra equipment and items you did not have time to or forgot to pick up in the dungeon will be automatically moved there.

Move on the mark -- When you have any task, or the need to go to a place where there is no exact definition of the path, you can put a special mark, and then the game itself will build a route for you in the form of a red line to simplify movement to the destination.

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