The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Remote Product Tester

Remote product testing is a great opportunity whether you consider it a full-time job or a side hassle. There are many various options on what industries to work with and how to be employed. If you are interested in becoming a remote product tester, this guide is exactly what you need. 

In cooperation with Jooble, we’ve narrowed down the tips on becoming one and finding a job in this field. 


What Does a Remote Product Tester Do

First, let’s define what this career entails. Remote product testers work from home and evaluate various products to find any issues before they go into the release. These products might vary hugely and include: 

  • Software applications; 
  • Toys; 
  • Kitchen tools; 
  • Electronics; 
  • Beauty products; 
  • Pet items; 
  • Sports apparel, etc. 

As a tester, you might be working with a variety of industries. Or you can focus on a particular one. Testers get the prototypes before entering the market and must evaluate the usability, quality, safety, and effectiveness. If any issues are found, you need to report them to the manufacturer. 

Qualifications and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and qualifications vary greatly depending on the type of products you work with. You do not usually need special education if those are consumer ones, like kitchen items or personal care brands. Yet some employers might expect at least a high school diploma from candidates. The required skills are: 

  • Time management; 
  • Eye for detail; 
  • Communication; 
  • Ability to follow instructions;
  • Analytical thinking. 

However, if you are interested in software testing, it requires some background knowledge. Software testers work closely with developers and need a general understanding of Computer Science and best development practices. This area often requires an associate or bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology and some prior experience. 

Those who work in software or hardware testing often have higher rates as this job requires more expertise. But overall, the salary expectation varies hugely based on the industry, type of employment, and employer. 

The everyday responsibilities of a remote product tester include the following: 

  • Testing and evaluating products; 
  • Providing feedback; 
  • Providing video or photo reviews; 
  • Documenting testing and usage of the products; 
  • Communicating with manufacturer/employer. 

Jooble Recommend How to Find a Job as a Remote Product Tester

There are three ways to approach the job search in this field: 

  • Create a freelancer profile; 
  • Look for jobs online; 
  • Join testing companies. 

#1. Freelancing

Those interested in the most flexible schedule and working for themselves can create a freelance profile and apply for gigs when they appear. One of the biggest platforms that offer such opportunities for remote product testers is Upwork. 

To do so, one needs to: 

  • Create a dedicated email; 
  • Create an Upwork profile; 
  • List all qualifications and prior experiences; 
  • List the types of products you want to work with; 
  • Look for gigs posted and apply to them. 

The main benefit is that you can be your own boss and decide on the rates. However, freelancing has its downsides as well. It is hard to earn a stable income when the workload depends on gigs and whether you will be approved for the job. 

This option is most useful for those considering this career as a side gig or an opportunity to earn extra money. 

#2. Joining Testing Companies

There is a multitude of websites and companies that you can join to get a more stable workflow in remote product testing. One can directly apply to one or several of them to get into the list of testers. 

To do so, follow these steps: 

  • Create a designated email (it is always better to separate professional and personal matters); 
  • Sign up with a product testing website; 
  • Answer the screening email that evaluates whether you are eligible for the program; 
  • Get the products from the website and sign up for the research market panel; 
  • Complete testing;
  • Consider signing up for several programs to increase revenue, gain experience, and get more chances of being accepted to the program. 

There are several helpful websites you can sign up to. Here are the best ones to consider: 

  • Opinion Outpost – offers decent rates and points for completing tests. You can become a top reviewer and get more gigs; 
  • User Testing is a long-standing and credible platform. You go through the survey to understand the demographics and suitability for specific products. Features a variety of goods from electronics to automobiles and hardware; 
  • I-Say by Ipsos Panel is a great option to earn money or gift cards. It is a leading product testing website, so the choice of programs is quite large. 
  • Branded Surveys is another fantastic platform. By reviewing existing products, one can earn cash or gift cards. 
  • Amazon Vine is great if you are willing to review Amazon products of all sorts; 
  • User interviews are helpful if you want to test applications, websites, and platforms without any Computer Science education. The testing happens from the average user’s experience. 
  • Toluna is a platform where you can share views on brands and products and complete surveys. Usually, a survey takes about 15-20 minutes to fill and is decently paid. 

#3. Finding a Job Online

Those who are interested in even more stability can find remote testing jobs online. Jooble is an excellent place for that. It is a job aggregator that collects postings from different job boards and forums in one place. 

So you can view all the available options easily. Also, you can upload your resume, and employers might contact you directly. You do not need to register on the website to look through opportunities. Type in the search phrase “remote product tester” and use filters to navigate postings. For instance, you can filter the results by type of employment (part-time or full-time), salary, or work experience

This way, you can find a full-time and stable job in remote product testing. 

In Summary 

Remote product testing is excellent for those who want to work from home and have more flexible schedules. And in the majority of cases, you can start without any educational requirements or prior experience. 

Stefan Richard is one of the folks who can't have a life without technology, especially Microsoft products. He has more than 12+ experience in Information technology. He worked as IT trainer, network/system administrator and IT Infrastructure manager. Stefan is the co-founder of HecticGeek.

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