Best 10 Tech News Top Apps for Android in 2023

Time changes and technology is evolving swiftly with every passing day. If you are in the tech industry, you must stay in touch with all these rapid changes and the coming trends to stay up to date.

Even if you are not in the tech industry, you need to know current trends and how they affect other industries. And to stay up to date, you will need access to a reliable source of information.


That’s exactly what a tech news app can do for you. You will have all the information you need right at your fingertips and never go out of the loop.

But there are tons of tech news apps on Android that claim to be the best top tech news app. We help you to find the correct one in this guide.

Best Tech News Top Apps for Android

1. Feedly

Are you looking for the best tech news top app? Well, you are in the right place, and Feedly is an ideal website where you can track insights without searching the whole website or app.

You need to tell Feedly’s artificial intelligence engine which insights are essential for you. He marked those flags and gave you related news.

This website provides newsletters, tech news, Twitter, blogs, and other news. It is the most trusted platform, so you can confidently subscribe to it. Additionally, you can install its app from your Play Store and enjoy a central space to organize, share updates, and read the latest news.

On the other hand, Flipboard is free for both web and app platforms. There is no limitation to any article, blog, or panel for reading. However, for daily updates and current affairs news, you have to subscribe to Feedly Pro+ and Enterprise plans.


  • A fast Android app that loads news instantly and gives you clean reading.
  • You can get trends, technology updates, tech news, and more.
  • Provides clutter-free feeds where you can get your favorite stories and news.
  • You can add it seamlessly to track information, RSS feed, and updates.


  • Periodically shows old entries at Pro Feedly.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard is another great choice for Android and web-based platforms. You can customize your interests and preferences. And receive all the relevant news regarding international and national happenings. We like its application user interface, which is very attractive and easy to use.

This website is famous because it updates its users with daily affairs, tech news, blogs, and other news. Moreover, the installation process is very convenient. Another great thing is that this website and app are free.


  • Read news updates daily without any cost.
  • Make a personal magazine with stories that curate your perspective
  • Customize the categories and magazines as you want
  • Cover plenty of significant topics, including science, lifestyles, tech, and more


  • Users can access only three-panel pages on the app          

3. Daily Hunt

Daily Hunt is a famous platform that provides you with a wide collection of information. The best thing is there is no need to invest in it because you can access all articles and news free of cost. You can customize your curated stories by selecting your interest categories.

Multiple categories include entertainment, technology, science, daily share, and much more. Furthermore, it updates tech and other news daily and keeps you updated. You can subscribe to multiple publishers from a web-based platform or use its application from your Android and macOS.

If your interest is limited, you can pick Flipboard because it allows users to access only three-panel pages. However, if you want to cover all the information related to lifestyle, tech, and other blogs, you can subscribe to Flipboard.


  • An add-free web-based platform to read the news.
  • Multiple amazing publishers offer cheap subscriptions.
  • Create curated by different angels of news stories
  • The mobile app is available on both platforms, Android, and iOS


  • The app is not reliable and doesn’t have full functions and features like web browsers.

4. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of the leading technology platforms where you can access high-quality content on apps, startups, gadgets, tech, business, and more. Another good thing is you can watch videos on multiple tech news and others.

We appreciate its Android app that gives you complete features and functions for customized feeds. You can receive all the latest updates on your mobile. However, Daily Hunt is one of the best websites with a top tech news app. But this app doesn’t give you full features and functions as a web-based platform.

Its app is fully integrated with Crunchbase, one of the best industry-leading investors, entrepreneurs, and startup databases. Apart from that, you receive all the articles and blog news from a trusted source. The download features make it the most popular app. In TechCrunch, you can download any news for offline reading.


  • Provides short information articles from trusted sources
  • Load required article for reading it offline
  • Access and download all news without any cost
  • Integration with Crunchbase to update you on startups, entrepreneurs, and investors


  • To access multiple news, you have to subscribe to TechCrunch+.

5. In Shorts

The most unique and top tech news app for Android and iOS. Yes, this is unique due to its top-class blog news in 60 words. The best feature is that it can give you international and national updates according to your interest.


In this new era of technology, it is necessary to know about the technologies. Shorts always show you the latest information from trusted sources. Its app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Daily Hunt has an app for both platforms, but that is not reliable as In Shorts app.


  • It comes with an outstandingly innovative and full-featured Android app
  • Personalized shorts in the app due to AI engine
  • Multiple categories and trending news are available
  • Display news according to location based on trusted sources


  • App sends multiple notifications that irritate you more

6. Google News

Are you looking for an authentic app for reading news? Yes, well, you are in the right place. We picked Google News app for you, which is the most famous and authentic platform. It provides you with all information from trustworthy sources.

Whether you have an Android or iOS mobile phone, you can install Google News on both devices to update yourself on tech news and others. This app shows all related information interactively. This app uses the best algorithm that offers you relevant suggestions as you tend to read the news.

We picked this authentic app for tech news because it is free of cost, and there are no other limitations for keeping yourself updated. You need an email address for your Gmail account. However, In Short, an app is a good option for reading tech news, but you cannot read the full length of news. You only read that news shortly.


  • Also, provide brief updates on all selected topics
  • Tech news top app is Google News app for both Android and iOS
  • Access more than 1000 magazine titles in a reading format of mobile-optimized
  • The filtration feature is also available for viewing headlines or top stories.


  • Only choose 5 favorite topics

7. BBC News

BBC News is one of your phone’s best and most authentic applications. This app keeps you updated related to all categories. These include culture, travel, sport, tech news, health, science, and others. Another unique feature is its news categories under countries like the UK, Asia, etc.

This is an excellent pick if you want to read in-depth news about any news. Many hard-working teams are working behind the BBC News app that deeply analyses the stories before uploading them on the BBC News platform.

You can turn on or off push notifications to keep yourself updated. Apart from this, Google News is also just like BBC News. Both are authentic and the most popular platforms. However, the BBC News app is not reliable and crashes after some use. Plus, video ads come with sound while reading news irritates mostly.


  • Also, multiple video footage is available
  • Keep you updated from trustworthy sources
  • App gives you push notifications, so you don’t miss any news
  • Thousands of exciting topics are accessible. Select according to your preferences


  • Video ads while reading the news irritate you more.


CNET is one the oldest websites, launched in 1994, and publishes news, blogs, videos, articles, and much more. This app has increased in popularity and is available for Android and iOS platforms. So, it doesn’t matter which device you have; you can keep yourself updated.


This app covers many fields, including science, wellness, tech, cars, money, and more. Another good feature is that it not only gets your latest news but provides you with its review.

The CNET app can find expert advice and the day’s biggest story. However, Google News isn’t showing you this kind of feature. The CNET covers innovative information related to the most popular tech companies.


  • Covers updates and news from all tech companies
  • A large collection of photos can also be accessed
  • Customize your topic for a personalized feed
  • Send you the latest and featured stories according to your favorite topic


  • CNET app is heavy and loads news extremely slowly

9. Smart News

In this new era of technology, you can read newspapers at your fingertips. This is available in its Smart News app. You can install it from Google Play and Apple Store. The user interface of the app is also very interactive. So, all aged people can easily access and read the news.

You need to swipe left or right to access all pages. There is no need to invest in it because it is free. It shows you all the latest news and other updates from trusted sources.

You can also get push notifications on our mobile devices to keep yourself updated on the latest news. You can also download articles or news for future reading or offline reading. If you use its free services, you must watch ads before reading the news. But CNET is free and does not show more ads to disturb you.


  • Made with an excellent algorithm to deliver high-quality content
  • You can save articles or news for offline reading
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS
  • Free access to read and save all kinds of news


  • So many ads irritate you in the free version.

10. Gadgets360

Want to read in-depth insights and other tech news? Then Gadgets360 is the best app for you. This is the most popular tech news top app because it is available on both Android and iOS. This offers a unique category of tech news known as Crypto. You can update your information with crypto’s latest news.

There are multiple reasons to pick the best categories. For example, this is a single platform where you can get in-depth blogs, news, videos, opinion, analysis, and product reviews. Above there is no other app available that relies on the all-in-one category.

However, the BBC News app is similar to Gadgets360 because it also shows in-depth news. You can also turn on and off push notifications. On the other hand, you can find the tablet and mobile-related information from this app. The app’s user interface impresses us due to its user-friendly interface, so all of you can easily access any news quickly.

Furthermore, you can search for the latest wearable and read what is happening nowadays. Multiple video news and product reviews are available on both web-based and app platforms. So, it is very convenient to read about them accordingly.


  • Provides in-depth details about the latest tech and gadgets news
  • Receive multiple notifications and alerts so you don’t miss any update
  • Also, it offers video content on various topics
  • Covers multiple categories like tech, crypto, science, and more.


  • The app is an unstable and time-consuming interface


There are so many different options you can explore on your android phone when it comes to going for the best tech news top app. But not all of them are great when it comes to performance.

The ones we have mentioned above are the absolute best and are some of the leading apps on Google Play Store to offer their services. With these on your phone, you will never get out of the loop in the tech news.

Stefan Richard is one of the folks who can't have a life without technology, especially Microsoft products. He has more than 12+ experience in Information technology. He worked as IT trainer, network/system administrator and IT Infrastructure manager. Stefan is the co-founder of HecticGeek.

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