Top 10 Best email Encrypting Software for Business and Personal Use

Email Encryption is a technology used to transform and secure information traveling through an email server mainly used in businesses to make sure that the email communications are safe. Email isn’t a secure method of communication, and it is very easy to expose its content.

This leads to putting confidential data and information at risk. So, corporations need to encrypt emails. Many times, it is compulsory to keep information out of public view. Email Encryption software allows corporations to secure their emails to access only by the intended recipient providing end-to-end security. Data remains secure until it reaches the authorized party.


It is useful in almost any industry; for example, Government Data is encrypted before sharing. Google says it no longer reads your mail. But one must take care not to permit third-party apps to read emails. Generally, Google reads the messages to find out the presence of any calendar notifications. However, Google can release your email to the government if required and has a policy for this.

Another popular email service is Apple Mail. It supports complete encryption of messages and digital signatures. But to enable these features, a security certificate is required. But you must remember that encrypting your messages is of no use unless the recipient can decrypt them. The decryption has to be performed by the same software.

10 Best Email Encrypting Software for Better Privacy

1) Symantec Email Encryption

Symantec provides information encryption in the form of mobile email encryption, gateway email encryption, and desktop email encryption. Gateway Email Encryption provides standards email encryption to secure emails. It works as a firewall and protects from unauthorized access through the public Internet. This reduces the risk of a data breach. One Way communication method is best for sending secure information when no response is required. This is effective only when both organizations are using compatible encryption tools. It is supported in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Apple Safari. One has to request Symantec Desktop Email Encryption to get the quotation.

Symantec is a leading software provider for information/threat protection, web security, cybersecurity, and system management. Also, they offer consultation, education, incident response services and encryption, IoT, and next-generation endpoint protection solutions. Symantec has been offering security solutions to a variety of clients present across the industry.


2) Micro Focus Voltage SecureMail

Micro Focus provides solutions like email encryption and cloud email encryption. They protect the user’s emails from any threats and it is recognized for offering security solutions and services. The company has a strong service portfolio, which helped them build a strong customer base across regions. After merging with HPE, it has become the biggest pure-play software player.

The company has been providing innovative offerings regarding email encryption by consistently focusing on strengthening its product by continuous evaluation and product enhancement. Identity-based encryption allows organizations to use secure communication without downloading software. Another feature that it provides is sending information even when the recipient is offline through unique private keys. SecureMail provides full email encryption for Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud. Along with global support, they provide a customized user experience. The company does not provide the pricing plan on the website, so one can request Micro Focus to get more pricing information.

3) Proofpoint Email Encryption

Proofpoint Email Encryption automatically encrypts messages along with attachments. Users do not need to encrypt their email manually. It is suited for any organization that requires data security which is accessible on desktops and mobile devices. It provides functions like streamlined storage, policy-based encryption, and granular control. The company does not include the pricing plans on its website.

4) Tutanota 

It is an email encryption service that provides a free version and a fully-featured service for enterprises. A free account has a basic secured email feature and personal information is not required to access any email account.


Only the owner/user can decrypt and access the data. Tutanota is available on desktop, Android, and iOS. The free account is upgradeable to Premium (€1.20/month) and Professional (€6/month).

5) Egress

It is very good in securing unstructured data. It uses AI-powered platforms that allow users to control and secure data. It is widely used in government organizations and other enterprises. It has features like accidental send prevention, email and document classification, email encryption, audit, secure online collaboration, and compliance reporting. Egress is available in various plans like for single users & business pack.

6) Virtru

It can help the user to protect, control and share information on email. This protection can be enabled just by a “Flip Switch” and can be used within existing email communications applications like Gmail and Microsoft email. In this, the user never loses control over the message even after it has been forwarded; this is done by the tracking & Expire function. A centralized enterprise policy allows users to set, enforce and report DLP policies. The price and plans are not available on the website, one has to contact the vendor directly.

7) AxCrypt

It is popular encryption support because it provides encryption methods that are easy to use. Its main aim is to remove the problem that a user faces while using cryptographic technology. It offers standard 256-bit encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption and is widely used for full confidential information all over the world. For sharing a secured file, the recipient only needs a free AxCrypt ID.

The user will be asked to view via email, which contains directions to view and edit the file. It supports multiple languages like English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, and Turkish. It is available for free with only the viewing feature. In comparison, the premium membership costs $36.00 for the whole year.

8) Sendinc

It does not require any software, and any email address can be used after registration. It provides a service in which emails are encrypted to the highest standards. No encryption keys are stored so that emails can be decrypted only by the recipient. Emails with sizes up to 10 MB can be sent. Also, the email service uses 256-bit encryption. It is supported in web browsers, iOS, and Android. The service is available as free and paid programs.

9) Encyro

It is an email encryption service that uses 16 layers of security to secure corporate emails and all files inside it. Also, it is one of the easiest to use encryption software. The user does not require to share a folder or create a client account/portal.


The email is sent securely to any email address without even adding special links. It is supported on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. It is available to download for free. The pro membership comes with a free 14-day trial.

10) Cisco

Cisco offers email encryption capabilities through its Cisco IronPort email encryption solution. Cisco has a broad customer base, including automotive, education, energy, government, BFSI, healthcare, mining, manufacturing, retail, transportation, hospitality, sports, media, and entertainment industry. One can request Cisco Email Security to know more about the pricing information.


Presently, various email encryption products are available to safeguard your email and attachments when they are sent to multiple clients. These products perform all the functions in the background, providing an easy-to-use interface with strong email security.


Does Windows 10 have encryption software?

Yes, encryption is available on all windows 10.

Can I send encrypted emails for free?

Yes, many free email encryption services are available, which can be used to send encrypted emails.

What is the most powerful encryption?

AES, RSA, Triple DES, Blowfish, Twofish are some of the most powerful encryption techniques.

Can my email be traced?

Email does not include the IP address of the machine, so it cannot be traced.

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