‘Zeegaree Lite’: Stopwatch & a Timer App for Ubuntu (13.04, 12.10, 12.04)

‘Zeegaree Lite’ is a beautifully designed stopwatch & a timer application for Ubuntu users. The interface also has a ‘hybrid’ type look, which gives the impression that it may work really well on both desktop and Ubuntu touch based user interfaces.

It has a separate paid version that comes with few additional features. But if you have simple needs, then the free version is still pretty useful.

The interface is very intuitive, and mainly consists of two large clocks that represent a ‘Stopwatch’ & a ‘Timer’. It has no menus, but if you click on the ‘?’ button, it does display tips.



The stopwatch can record ‘lap time’ or ‘split time’, and users can easily switch between the two by using the small buttons, located around the bottom left corner. There are buttons for resetting or saving the records (of ‘laps’ & ‘splits’) into a text file and one for pausing/resuming.



You can reset the ‘stopwatch’ by clicking on the ‘time indicator’ or by clicking on the small round on middle of the clock (it turns into ‘Red’ when you move your mouse over it).


‘Timer’ has few built-in presets, which are hidden by default, but can be activated by clicking on the small ‘heart button’ on the bottom left corner (including the ability to add new presets). The ‘Zeegaree Lite’ icon on the ‘Application Launcher’ also displays an indicator while a ‘timer’ is running.



Here too you can ‘reset’ or ‘set’ a new time of the current preset by clicking on the timing numbers above the ‘Start/Resume’ button. The round button on the middle of the clock also resets it.

It automatically notifies when a timer reaches its end (using both indicator message & an audio bell).


However, ‘Zeegaree Lite’ version (‘1.1’) in the ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ does not support showing an icon in the notification area when running. Although according to the developer, this has been implemented in the recently released ‘1.3’ version, it is yet not available in the ‘free’ version.

How to install it on Ubuntu 13.04, 12.10 & 12.04 LTS ?

Open ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ and search for ‘zeegaree lite’ and click on the ‘More info’ button. From the next window, click on the ‘Buy’ button, then it will ask you to sign on to your ‘Ubuntu Single Sign On’ account, when you log into your account, it will be installed automatically.

For more information, please visit this ‘Zeegaree’ home page.

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  1. Hey Gayan, are you testing us? You never used to post things on a Friday 😉

    So does the maker of Zeegari only soft boil very small eggs, cos all my life long it’s taken four minutes, although I heard an ostritch egg can take four hours 😉

  2. Do you even test your own tutorials? I don’t mean to be rude, but when a search for Zeegaree Lite is done in the Ubuntu Software Center a package is indeed offered, but on the left side it says “free” while on the right side the only button available to click on is “buy”. When that button is clicked, the user is taken to a page where he is asked to enter his Ubuntu One accout username and password. No thanks.


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