Xubuntu’s theme gets refreshed for the 12.10 Quantal Quetzal release

Do you remember Mark Shuttleworth said that the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 will get a new theme?, well, it seems that not only Ubuntu but Xubuntu too, the lightweight Xfce desktop based derivative of Ubuntu, is also getting its ‘Greybird’ theme refreshed!.

Now I haven’t been using Xfce that much quite recently, so I cannot point out the exact changes, but, according to this Xubuntu news article, they say the new theme is drifting towards more contrast when compared with the old versions.

In their own words …

“After having had a tendency to soften colors and contrasts, I’ve decided to take a (bold?) step and counter this tendency. This is why the changes for the upcoming Quantal release might seem more drastic then between the releases before”

And because Xfce developers haven’t switched to the never Gtk3 libraries (due to performance and stability issues), the new theme will still be using the current Gtk2 version.

Also according to the developer, though it’s based on Gtk2, yet, if you use Gtk3 apps in Xfce, then you should not see any issues (theme ‘breakups’) because it comes patched to support the Gtk3 applications as well. To quote his own words …

… I’ll try my best to port all the changes to Gtk3 as perfectly as possible, so that hopefully no-one will notice whether an app is Gtk2 or Gtk3 …


If interested, you can get the new theme (still in development) from this Github page.

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