Xubuntu Will be switching over to Debian! (Update: Yep, it’s April Fool’s day!)

“Xubuntu”, the unofficial, community maintained “Xfce” (a lightweight desktop environment) version of Ubuntu, through their Twitter page just announced that after the upcoming 12.04 release, they’ll be switching over to the all-powerful and mighty “Debian” Linux :).

Now I don’t know if it’s some sort of April fool’s joke (well, it can’t really be one of those now can it?), but the current project leader “Pasi Lallinaho” also confirms this as well.

Update: Well, it in fact is an April Fool’s day joke mates. So no worries, just ignore the heck out of everything that you see below (yikes! :D).

In their Twitter post they said …

“It’s official: Xubuntu 12.10 will be based on Debian over Ubuntu! We welcome any name suggestions. More information to follow really soon!”

“Pasi” says …

” … Xubuntu team is very excited about this. With the rebasing, we are able to provide even lighter release than with 12.04 …”

From the start, Xubuntu has been based on Ubuntu (started with the version “6.06 Dapper Drake”) and for some, this might as a bit of a surprise. Anyhow, other than the short Tweet, there’s nothing much to say about it either.

And “Pasi” says that the official announcement and further updates will be available via the Xubuntu’s home page very soon too.


They’re also searching for a new name and a logo. So if you have new ideas, then why not head over to the official Xubuntu Twitter page and help them out a bit :).

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