xScreenshot: Powerful Screenshot Taker with Some Cool Features

“xScreenshot” is a features rich screenshot taking software utility that can be used in GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS X (planned). So, if you usually take a lot of screenshots and need a tool that lets you easily pinpoint various details with ease, then this will come in handy.

For instance, let’s say that you’re a software developer and while reviewing an application you came up with a bug and wanted to quickly highlight it. Then you can use a built-in arrow tool in “xScreenshot” called the “Bug Arrow”, which basically adds a small “bug” icon at the starting point of the arrow (as shown in the screenshot) which gets the job done.

It has a few other useful tools as well. However, I searched everywhere but editing an image, I couldn’t find an option to undo/redo the changes and that is a big drawback. So after loading a screenshot and making changes, if you wanted to undo something, then I’m afraid you’ll have to re-load it and start from scratch!.

It has a single executable file for GNU/Linux platform, but it did not work in Ubuntu 11.10. I’m guessing that’s due to some sort of application indicator issue as when launched it runs in the notification area, so the somewhat new Unity application indicator has something to do with it.


So hopefully in the future releases these issues will be fixed. But still, thanks to its built-in awesome tools, it’s pretty useful nonetheless.

Few main features …

*. Usual tools: Crop, Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Pencil, add text and an Arrow.

*. Built in Arrows: “Bug”, “OK”, “Question”, “WTF?” (seriously, it’s there! :D), “Cancel” and add numbers to arrows.

*. Other tools: Add Mouse left & right-click icons to images, Draw a “Blonde” (why do you need that for? ;-)), “Boxing” tool (which adds a “spider net” effect), Blur selected areas and you can also delete objects (arrows and other icons that you added) by using the “Delete” tool as well.

*. You can drag and resize the tools.

*. Load an external picture to the screenshot.

*. Save screenshots in PNG and JPEG format (including manually changing the quality settings).

*. Create screenshots with delays (with manual time adjusting).

*. Add text or picture watermarks.

*. Has two built-in modes: Extended (default mode) and Lite (which opens a floating toolbar instead of the window).


That’s it.

If interested you can get it from this xScreenshot tool’s home page. If you use Ubuntu, then please remember that, as mentioned before, it doesn’t seem to work under the Ubuntu’s Unity desktop though.

Taking a screenshot with it is pretty easy. First install it and then run it. Then double-click on its icon in the notification area (below screenshot is from Windows 7) which should open its window with a screenshot that was taken at the time you double clicked its icon.

Or, you can right-click on its icon and from the menu choose “Screenshot with delay” for delaying, or, just press the “PrintScr” key on your keyboard and right-click on the notification icon and choose “Screenshot from clipboard” to load it as well. That’s it!


Anyhow, as said it’s not perfect and the biggest drawback is the lack of undo/redo feature (which is a must have). But it’s a relatively new tool, so hopefully those issues will be fixed in the future (including a fix to make it work under Ubuntu).

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