‘WriteType’ is a Simple Word processor for Young Students

‘WriteType’ is a basic word processor aimed at helping young students to write. For that it comes with few features and one in general is a word prediction feature that shows a list of predicted words (lists them as soon as you start to type) on the right side of its window.

You can change how many predicted words appear on that area (by changing the ‘word list data’ in the ‘Settings’ section) and each predicted word is associated with a single keyboard shortcut which can be used to insert that particular word into the editor’s window.

It’s a bit like the ‘gprompter’ but has additional features for basic word processing needs such as:

*. Make text Bold, Underline, Italic.

*. Undo/Redo, Cut, Paste, add Double and Single line spaces.


*. A distraction-free (full-screen) mode.

*. Supports English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, and Basque languages.

*. Highlight text, checks for grammar errors view statistics (counts characters, words, sentences, paragraphs etc), auto correction (disabled by default), read text (text to speech) and also has a built it diction checking engine as well.


Its theme didn’t embed that well with Ubuntu’s dark Ambiance theme. But you can easily fix it by letting ‘WriteType’ inherit the operating system’s theme. To do that, from the menu go to ‘Settings’ and then click on the ‘Other’ tab and put a check mark before the option called ‘Use Boring Interface …’.

Then click on the ‘Apply’ button and close the window. Restart the application for the changes to take place.

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal and 12.04 Precise Pangolin users can install it by simply typing the below command on your Terminal.

sudo apt-get install writetype

‘WriteType’ is a cross-platform word processor and if you use older version of Ubuntu or Fedora or looking for a package for MS Windows then please visit this ‘WriteType’ home page and get it.

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