Write without distractions in Ubuntu 12.04 using ‘UberWriter’

There’s certainly no shortage of distraction-free writers in the GNU/Linux platform. We have ‘PyRoom’,’FocusWriter’ ‘QuiEdit’, ‘CatlookingWriter‘, ‘Marave’, ‘TextRoom’ are only a few to mention. And of course, they’re all free and open source as well.

Recently, I also found another one called ‘UberWriter’ and after using it for a short while, I was impressed by it and thought I should share it here :). It’s not the most lightweight writer out there (uses about 20-22 MB or your RAM) but then again, most other tools also use a reasonable amount of your RAM anyway.

Another thing with ‘UberWriter’ is that, you cannot change the font or switch between themes etc. However, I personally don’t find that to be a problem at all because the default look-n-feel of the application looks pretty nice to me.


Main features …

*. Supports most basic and important text editing functions such as Undo/Redo/Cut/Copy and Paste.

*. Save documents into RTF, HTML and PDF formats.

*. Shows a list of ‘recently opened’ files.

*. Checks for spellings as you type.

*. Only supports English language (Canada, US and UK).

Update: Actually ‘UberWriter’ supports a lot of other languages as it uses a tool called ‘enchant’ which is also used by ‘Gedit’. And thanks to that, ‘UberWriter’ will auto detect your current language and will enable that automatically!. Thanks for ‘Wolf’ (developer’) for pointing that out.

*. Shows you the ‘Lines’ and counts the total ‘Characters’ (I would love to see the ‘word-count’ rather than counting the characters).

It also has two basic ‘modes’ (accessed via buttons located at the bottom of its window). One is the ‘Fullscreen’ and the other is called ‘Focus Mode’.

What the ‘Focus Mode’ does is, by based your cursor position on the editor, it highlights a certain amount of text (both up and below) and lightens the rest for focusing them (as shown below).


It’s PPA only holds packages for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin (it would’ve been nice if there were packages for other Ubuntu users, for 11.10 at least :D), to install it, open your Terminal and enter the below commands.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:w-vollprecht/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install uberwriter

Then search for it in the ‘Dash’ for opening. That’s it, enjoy!.

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8 thoughts on “Write without distractions in Ubuntu 12.04 using ‘UberWriter’”

  1. Hey,

    great to hear you found it useful 🙂

    Just one thing I wanted to note: The languages you get for spell checking are the same as the ones you get in gedit, because it uses the same packages (enchant). But I might as well add them as optional install 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out.

    Also, a word count is already in the code, but not yet visible (will definitly come in the future 🙂

    I'll try to add packages for older Ubuntu versions soon… Wasn't that high on my priority list 😛

    There are also many other goodies to come in the future!


    • How to switch spellchecking to Russian? My gedit is enabled to check russian orphography, but UberWriter look like English-only.

      • Hello 'martini',

        I just installed the Russian language support in Ubuntu (just for looking what would be the cause) and got UberWriter working for the Russian language spell checking.

        However, it did not work by default and I had to set the language to Russian in UberWriter manually. Below is how I did it.

        *. Open UberWriter and then right click on an empty area. Then from the menu you get, go and click on:

        Languages -> Russian (Russian Federation)

        That's it. Now the Russian spell-checking on UberWriter should be enabled (I tested it with a sample text I got using Google and it worked :D). Hope this helped to solve your issue.

        I guess the reason why UberWriter didn't enable it by default was because (guessing from your comment) you have only selected Russian language in Gedit and aren't using it system wide, just a guess though …

  2. I love UberWriter! I've written for years now but I never needed all the extra tools and options that come with Writing programs, and I never really liked any 'distraction free writers' before. This is one is a keeper, definitely. I love the focus mode. It's just perfect for me. No more Abiword and Libreoffice. Ah, I can see clearly now!


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