Winscrot: Simple & Portable Screenshot Taker for Windows

“Winscrot” is an extremely simple and a portable (comes with a single “.exe” file thus you can use it without installing) utility for taking screenshots in Windows. The reason that I wanted to write about it was because, it’s another screen capturing tool that also has the ability to capture your mouse pointer, which is impossible with the built in tools in Windows 7.

But please remember, other than very few features, it’s a very basic tool (a lot similar to the one that comes with UbuntU), so if you’re looking for something that’s rich in features then you’d be better off with a utility such as Greenshot for instance.

But for a simple screenshot taking needs (including your mouse pointer), this is pretty handy though.

Few main features …

*. Support capturing the whole screen or the currently active window.

*. Enable/Disable capturing the mouse pointer.


*. Add delays while taking screenshots.

*. Enable/Disable copying the screenshot to the clipboard (very useful, as after taking a screenshot, now you can just open something like the MS Paint and use the “Paste” function to load it).

*. Enable/Disable closing the app after taking a picture.

*. Automatically saves the captured screenshots (can be disabled).

*. Supports running multiple instances.

That’s it.

If interested, you can get it from this Winscrot Google code page.

How to disable the automatically closing of Winscrot, after taking a screenshot?

By default, after taking a screenshot, “Winscrot” exits automatically and if you want to take more than one screenshot, then you’ll have to re-open the app and start the whole process from the beginning which is a bit hectic. So by using the below steps, we can easily disable it.

1. Open “Winscrot”. From its main window, make sure that you’ve selected “Save to the Folder” option, otherwise the setting that we need to access is disabled.

2. Then under “After Capturing” sub heading, make sure you’ve removed the tick under “Close the application”, as shown below.


Once that’s done you should re-enable the “Copy to the clipboard” option, otherwise it won’t copy the screenshot to the clipboard.


So as said before, if all you need is just to take simple screenshots in Windows (including your mouse pointer) and also want it to be portable, then Winscrot is for you. Good luck.

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