Monitor Your Windows 8 Laptop’s Battery Capacity Drop with ‘BatteryCat’

‘Lithium-ion’ (‘Li-ion’) is among the most widely used batteries in mobile computing devices because they have many advantages over the old and even against some newer battery technologies (such as ‘Lithium-Polymer’). But just like any other battery, they too lose their capacity, over time. For instance, my Dell Vostro V131 is now about an year … Read more

Recover a Stuck Windows 8 Desktop by Restarting ‘File Explorer’

The ‘file manager’ is an extremely important software utility of any operating system. Apart from helping you manage your files, thought it is not a necessity, most of the time, it is also being used to manage the desktop by many operating systems (including ‘Windows’) too. Previously, Windows’ file manager was called ‘Windows Explorer’ but … Read more

Scan your Wi-Fi Network for Intruders using ‘WiFi Guard’

Wireless networks are getting more and more popular nowadays. And when compared with the wired networks (which are still heavily used), a wireless network is easy to setup (as one does not need to deal with installing wires etc) and is also easy to maintain as well (including troubleshooting). However, they also have their disadvantages … Read more

‘MultiSave’ Lets you Save a Document into Multiple Formats at Once (LibreOffice)

If you use LibreOffice Writer for creating documents, then sometimes, being able to save the newly created documents into multiple formats might be a necessity. Though LibreOffice lets you save a document into a lot of other popular document formats, it does not support saving a document into a multiple formats, simultaneously. But thanks to … Read more