‘WaveShop’ is a Free Audio Editor for Windows (Portable)

‘WaveShop’ is a free & open-source audio editor for the Windows operating system. It’s also a ‘bit-perfect’ audio editor & thus, the audio that is loaded into ‘WaveShop’ will be the same that’s rendered to the sound output device, without adding any filters, unless chosen otherwise. You can ‘Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete’, ‘Undo/Redo’, ‘Select/Deselect’, ‘Zoom in/out’ etc with … Read more

‘PotPlayer’ is a ‘DXVA’ Enabled, Efficient Media Player for Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP)

For years, ‘KMPlayer’ has been my favorite media player under MS Windows. It can play almost any audio/video codec, has a beautiful UI, comes with a huge number of options, completely free, one couldn’t ask for more :D. I’ve also used ‘Media Player Classic’ (comes with ‘KLite-Codec pack’), though I have a tremendous respect for … Read more

Install ‘Nomacs 1’ (image viewer) on Ubuntu 13.04, 12.10, 12.04, 11.10 etc

‘Nomacs’ is an image viewer (with basic image editing support) that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows & Mac OS X. It has a beautiful interface, supports image slideshows, runs in multiple instances, has a built in image color manipulator, reads RAW images, lets you save images into other formats etc. Few days ago, after one and … Read more

Install ‘QWinFF’ (multimedia converter) on Ubuntu 12.10, 12.04, 11.10 etc

‘QWinFF’ is a simple & intuitive multimedia converter (based on ‘ffmpeg’) that runs on GNU/Linux and Windows. I first wrote about almost an year ago, and since then, it has undergone a few changes. ‘QWinFF’ now supports ‘cutting’ (changes can be previewed) which gives you more control over the file’s content that’s going to be … Read more

Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive Containing Windows 8 using ‘UUI’

Using USB flash drives for installing operating systems is very popular these days, especially among the GNU/Linux fans. There are hundreds of different GNU/Linux distributions out there, most release a new version, once every six months, and major distributions (such as Ubuntu, Fedora etc) no longer release 700MB sized ISO disc images that fit into … Read more

‘baretorrent’ is a Portable BitTorret Client (Windows, Ubuntu & OS X)

‘baretorrent’ is an open-source, completely free, bittorrent client that runs on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X. It has a simple looking and a slightly different interface (as it displays the advanced details of torrents to the right) when comparing with other bittorrent clients. Being said that it’s simple, it still lets you change a … Read more