‘Raven’ is a Minimalist & a Distraction-free Text Editor for Novelists

Raven is an excellent distraction-free text editor that’s specifically designed for novelists. That said, for less imaginative people like me 🙂 , mainly due to its simplicity and beautiful typography, I find it to be a great distraction-free text editor as well. Raven is completely free to use and includes native support for Microsoft Windows, Mac … Read more

How to Install VirtualBox Guest Additions for CentOS 6.5 under Windows 8.1 (host)?

VirtualBox is a good operating system-level virtualization platform alternative when compared to other more popular utilities such as VMware, because it is free & open-source. However, the by-default hardware integration between the host & the guest operating system, is not as tight as it is under VMware, at least in my experience. For instance, if you were to … Read more

Graphically View How Applications Use Your Network & Its Bandwidth, using ‘Graphical Network Monitor’ (Windows)

Sometimes, having the ability to observe the behavior of your network’s traffic (specially if you have an internet connection with a bandwidth cap) can provide you with useful insights, even if you are managing a simple network. I might sound being too vigilant but let me share with you a recent experience of mine that proved otherwise. It … Read more

‘ocenaudio’ is a Fast & a Free Audio Editor for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows & Mac OS X

‘ocenaudio’ is a features rich, free audio editor for Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X, operating systems. Although it runs natively under Ubuntu and looks very intuitive, the interface has a native Mac OS X look which is my only complaint. It supports lots of audio formats (covering both importing & exporting) and loads them pretty … Read more

Convert Audio/Video Files in Ubuntu (13.10 …) & Windows 8 Using ‘FFmpegYAG’

‘FFmpegYAG’ is a free utility (a GUI for ‘FFmpeg’) that lets you easily convert audio/video files into other formats (including the ability to move into a different ‘container’ — without having to re-encode). It is available for both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux (pre-built ‘deb’ packages are available for Ubuntu and Debian) platforms, and comes with … Read more

Fix Audio Delays Permanently Using VLC & MKVToolNix

Multimedia files with ‘lip-sync’ issues are not so uncommon, although it happens very rarely in professional environments as they take extra precautions to avoid them. In a previous post I wrote about how to fix some of these synchronization issues permanently using ‘Avidemux’, but since then I have received few complains of ‘Avidemux’ not being … Read more

View HDD’s Health Status on Windows 8 & 7 with ‘HDDExpert’ (portable)

‘HDDExpert’ is a software utility that lets Windows users to view the ‘S.M.A.R.T’ readings (and thus its current state of ‘Health’) of their Hard Disk Drives, with ease. It is portable, but a separate installer is also available for those that prefer it. As you can see below, under ‘General’ it displays the manufacture, model, … Read more

Latest Intel HD Graphics 3000 Driver Fixes ‘Hybrid Boot’ issue on ‘Vostro V131’ Notebook

While it lasted, I really enjoyed the ‘hybrid boot’ feature of Windows 8 because it significantly improved the boot-up times of Windows 8 on my Dell Vostro V131 notebook. But as soon as I installed the GPU driver for the Intel HD 3000, ‘hybrid boot’ stopped working. It is however, worth mentioning that, at that … Read more