Why Companies Need Mobile Proxies

Companies are going digital nowadays. Some say that if you don’t make your business available online, you’re probably missing out on most of your target audience and prospective customers. However, there are many challenges to keep an online business competitive and secure. This article explains how mobile proxies help companies to deal with them and stay competitive in the market.

What is Mobile Proxy?

It stands as a gateway to filter out your information online and to protect your data from data phishing and online identity theft. It masks your sensitive information and sends all their requests to see your IP back to their website.


As such, you can be assured that your data is secured. Moreover, it serves as a middleman between your IP address and the website itself. Thus, it can’t track your activity online.

It gives off an authentic IP address to the website server, and in return, the website displays itself without latching a cookie or other methods of tracking you.

For companies, proxies can be used to mask your sensitive transactions while helping you determine what your target market needs. Now, a mobile proxy works the same way as a proxy does, yet it uses another method.

How a Mobile Proxy Works

Mobile proxies are labeled as mobile devices that are connected to the internet using a mobile network.

Instead of using your IP address, it uses the mobile device’s IP address when you connect to the net. Mobile proxies are always changing and being rotated through a 3G or 4G network which is connected to the mobile device.

Since mobile service providers are creating various IP addresses for millions of people online, mobile proxies are operated within that same structure. Mobile proxies are always authentic since it represents a device connected to a certain network. Thus, you can never be traced online and you’re practically invisible, making your data completely safe.

How Different is it From Other Proxies?

How different is a mobile proxy from other proxies on the internet? Well, there are various types of proxies – transparent, high anonymity, public, private, dedicated, and other proxies. Most of them work by either using PCs or other servers that would secure your data.

However, mobile proxies use the IP addresses given to them by the mobile service providers instead of another PC or other servers. Moreover, some proxies rely on a singular IP address that is used for the request.

However, since the mobile service provider always changes the IP addresses to be given, there are millions of mobile proxies out there that people can take advantage of.

The Benefits of Using a Mobile Proxy

There are several benefits as to why companies should use a mobile proxy for their services and internet activity.

  1. Security for your company

Having a proxy reduces your chances of having a hacker steal your company information and network data. Moreover, it allows your company to remain secure in all its online transactions.

  1. Avoid server crashes

Handling a company through online means is no small feat. You need to regulate the amount of traffic that comes in and out of your website.

By using a proxy, this can be alleviated. It will help balance out each of the server’s activities so none of them would shut down.

  1. Faster internet speed and bandwidth

Since the traffic within the servers is organized and sorted out, it allows the company’s internet to be faster and employees wouldn’t have a hard time doing their online tasks.

  1. Monitors the internet activity of employees

Employees would be more productive if a proxy would help them work without being distracted by other social media sites and entertainment websites.

  1. Sensitive transactions remain anonymous

Many companies are using the internet for most of their transactions and most of it contains sensitive information between the clients and the company itself. The proxy can help mask those transactions so that it stays between the company and the customer.

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Cases of businesses being able to benefit from proxies

There are several cases as to how mobile proxies help businesses reach their goals.

  • It helps with market research

Companies need to adjust with the times and as such, they need to know what their target market is into.

There are several techniques as to how companies could keep up with their customers’ wants by using mobile proxies:

  1. Search Engine Optimization techniques in their articles and posts
  2. Web crawling proxies will help you identify the audience’s wants and demands
  3. Using proxies for price comparisons to keep up with your competitors
  4. Other techniques that would use mobile proxies
  • It helps them create a voice on social media platforms

Social media is an important tool that businesses need to take advantage of. Using a mobile proxy will allow you to gather information from your online interactions while remaining anonymous. Because of this, you can understand your social media standing without giving away your presence online.

  • It helps in B2B transactions

Companies would have transactions with various clients online. As such, to protect the privacy of these transactions, a mobile proxy is the best way to hide the clients’ and the company’s business transactions from the public eye and competitors.


Using a mobile proxy for your company is a great way to keep track of how your company is doing to protect your transactions with various clients, to always be in the line of trends and things that your target market wants, and to entice future clients to do business with you.

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