‘When’ Task Scheduler Gets a PPA, Adds Battery Based Events…


‘When’ is a task scheduler application for the Ubuntu desktop users that comes with a set of handy events based configuration settings for defining when a scheduled task should be executed, as mentioned in a previous article.

Since then, ‘When’ has received a couple of minor changes, mainly concerning the events where now the users can execute scheduled tasks by based on certain power related conditions (battery charging, discharging and low battery). And also, now there is a PPA for ‘When’ which makes the installation and receiving updates a breeze.

In my previous article, I also mentioned that ‘When’ failed to add an entry for the desktop’s startup, but I came across no such issues this time after installing the latest package from its PPA. However, you’ll still have to manually enable its automatically added entry to the desktop startup.


If interested, you can install ‘When’ by using the below three commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:franzg/when-command

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install when-command

Then also run the below command for finishing things up (it’s what adds the startup entry, though, even without running it, it had added an entry on my Ubuntu 15.10 desktop):

when-command --install

After that open Ubuntu’s desktop startup application entry editor by searching for ‘startup applications’ on Dash. Once opened, select its entry & put a tick to enable it, as shown below.


‘When’ also has an excellent documentation that’s available online which basically guides you through everything (from installing it to actually scheduling your tasks etc) and it can be accessed through here. That’s it, good luck.

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