WallpaperFiner: Automatically Crops any Image (according to Your Screen’s Resolution) and Sets it as a Desktop Background

I sometimes find beautiful images with higher resolutions but because they have different aspect ratio than my screen’s resolution (1366 x 768), once I set them as desktop backgrounds, well, they just don’t really ‘fit in’.

Luckily though, most operating systems do let you try to adjust these images so they’d fit into the screen by ‘scaling, zooming, filling …’ etc. But once these scaling filters are applied some portions of those images will be automatically cropped out and you can’t manually change how the cropping should be done either.

In that case, ‘WallpaperFiner’ is an extremely simple and a pretty useful tool that once you drag-n-drop images into its window, automatically crops that image according to your screen’s resolution (including the ‘aspect ratio’) and sets it as a desktop background. And all this can be achieved by a push of a button!.

It has a lot of built in screen resolutions (should automatically detects yours) and if you don’t like the automatically cropped image (say that it cropped out the face of a person for example, eh ;-)), then you can use your mouse and manually define the cropping area (without loosing the resolution/aspect-ratio).


It won’t touch any of the source images and the cropped images will be saved in a temporary location in your HDD. Also lets you save them int to JPEP, BMP and PNG formats if you like too. It runs in both GNU/Linux (currently has binaries for Ubuntu/Debian systems) and MS Windows operating systems, so if interested, please visit this ‘WallpaperFiner’ project page and get it.

If you use Ubuntu, then download the package called ‘Linux binary deb …’ and once the download completes, double click on it and Ubuntu Software Center should install it for you.

Then, whenever you want to launch it, type the below command after pressing the ‘Alt’ + ‘F2’ keys or just typing it into the Terminal window should also do the trick.


That’s it, good luck :).

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