View advanced details of your Networks in Ubuntu with ‘Netactview’

‘Netactview’ is a pretty useful tool for individuals like system administrators because it lets you view network routing details of you applications in GNU/Linux platform with ease. It’s a similar utility to the command-line based, extremely popular one called the ‘netstat’.

‘Netactivew’ automatically refreshes the details, lets you save the details into a ‘CSV’ file … and unlike with ‘netstat’ because it has a GUI, it’s really easy to use as well. You can run it with administrative mode for obtaining details that are hidden in the default mode (users with restricted privileges) too.

It can show you details like …

*. The Protocol.

*. Local and Remote ports.

*. Local and the Remote IP addresses.

*. Shows the ‘state’ of the connections.


*. Local and Remote host names.

*. Program ‘PID’ (process ID) and the name (plus the actual path of the program, disabled by default).

*. ‘Color highlight’ programs based on their ‘state’ (disabled by default).

*. Can show only established connection details (disabled by default).

*. Change the update interval.


And in its bottom status bar, it shows details such as the established connections and network usage (sent and received) for that period as well. It has pre-built packages for Ubuntu/Debian systems (both 32bit and 64bit versions) and I installed it in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin and worked without any issues.

If interested, then please visit this page for downloading it.

As usual, select your preferred package version (32bit/64bit) and once the download completes, double click on it and the Ubuntu Software Center should install it for you. Good luck.

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