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Google Chrome and Opera are two web browsers that load fast and have minimalist, user friendly interfaces. Since I’m an open source geek I don’t like Opera that much because it is not an open-source web browser. Some of its libraries such as WebKit are open-source nonetheless  (update: Opera uses its own web rendering engine called ‘Presto, but it has few open source libraries anyway).

The Google Chrome browser apart from its simple looks and fast loading “awesomeness” has a bit “colored” history of secretly tracking user data and still haven’t agreed to include “Do not Track Policy” in their web browser.

So I think that if you’re extremely cautious about your privacy, even though Firefox may be bit slowish, but it’s still a highly trusted web browser worth sticking to. But it is not the only web browser that emphasizes user privacy and there are other browsers that you can try.

Such as the “Dooble” browser for instance, it comes with a highly simplified interface (designed using Qt and uses Webkit for web page rendering), uses less system resources and supports GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Mac OSX.

“Come with me if you want to live!” 😉 …

Few other main features…

*. A clean looking simple user interface that should also help while reducing system resources usage.

*. Dooble like never browsers has a built in session based browsing mode that stores user data temporarily.

*. Other than the user settings all the rest is encrypted.

*. Easy to use and powerful Proxy configuration window.

*. A file manager of its own with basic functions (create folders, delete, rename etc) and a FTP browser.


*. Addon support.

*. With automated cookies deletion to advanced cookie manager, Dooble puts you at control of your “Cookies” :).


*. Side bar type Bookmark window.

*. A Full screen mode.

*. Excellent Tab management/support.

*. Simple download manager window.

*. Add/Remove Javascript exceptions, change history settings, change your fonts and a lot other tweaks are available through its “Settings” window.

Dooble even lets you re-encrypt your data (Bookmars, Downloads, History etc) with a different Hash algorithms too.


Now the easiest way to install Dooble in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 11.04 Natty Narwhal and 10.10 (might also work in 10.04 too) is to use the below command in your Terminal window. But don’t use that!.

sudo apt-get install dooble

The reason is simple. Current version of Dooble is 1.27 and the version that command installs is 0.7 which made me throw up (kidding!).

So the best way to get the latest version for all the platforms is to visit this Dooble official site and get it (supports both 32bit and 64bit architectures).


I didn’t encounter any major issues while using it but commenting platforms like “DISQUS” didn’t seem to work with Dooble at this moment and I couldn’t log-into my WordPress account for some reason which a big concern for me. But other than that, for a relatively new web browser, it’s pretty good and hopefully those minor issues will be fixed in the future :).

As a humble verdict, it’s not Google Chrome fast, but I’m impressed with its simplicity and the speed. So if you’re like me looking for a secure and an open source web browser that puts the users up front then Firefox is still like the king 😉 but ‘Doolde’ too looks very promising.

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  1. Hello,

    What does Opera browser have to do with Webkit? It uses Webkit?

    I thought it had its own rendering engine.



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