How to Use imo on PC, imo Messenger on Windows 10, 8.1 and Mac

imo is one of the famous and free instant messaging app for smartphones. It can be a better alternative for WhatsApp and Viber apps. When ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks other famous instant messaging apps in your country, imo could be the next choice you can try.  Here we show you how to install and use imo on PC, it can be Windows 10, 7 or Windows 8.1.

Video and audio quality on the imo app is great, maybe because of fewer users compared to other famous instant messaging apps. The simple and user-friendly interface, messaging stickers/smiles, group calling, and chatting features are considerably good in imo compared to others.


imo on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and 7 PC

The best part is, imo officially supports Windows and Mac computers because it is a simple web-based client that can run on most of the internet browsers.

You must be having working mobile phone to receive the activation code to activate imo account on Windows 8.1 PC or Mac OS X if you are the new user.  If you are an existing user, you can access your account on any computers even without installing any software, because it works on web browsers.

To use imo on PC, go to this official link and register with the mobile number you have.


You will receive the activation code on the phone number you have provided, even imo will call you to provide activation code if the SMS process takes time.


Once you have verified the phone number, the next screen is to provide a few personal information to complete the registration.


Now we are ready to use imo on our computer. It doesn’t matter which Windows OS you are using, it’s an internet browser-based messenger which doesn’t need any installation.

Below is the screenshot was taken from working imo on Windows 10 PC with Google Chrome browser.


Next time when you want to use imo on the same computer or other computers, you can use your mobile phone number which was used to receive SMS and the password during the registration process.


imo on Mac OS X

As I said earlier, it works on web browsers on any computers including Mac OS X with Apple hardware. You can use imo on your Mac OS X with existing Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers to use on your Mac.  Make sure the mic and speaker settings set properly to use.

So you can use your imo messenger account on any computer with an internet connection and web browser.

Disable imo Notifications on Nexus, Pixel and Other Android Phones

Since we are covering about Google Nexus devices, we will provide one more tip about Nexus/Pixel phone and imo app.  For some reasons, imo notifications keep popping up all the time on my screen no matter how many times I have cleared them. The same notifications keep showing up every time. Here is a simple guide about how to disable imo notifications on the Nexus/Pixel phone, it’s applicable for other Android phones too.

We will use Android Apps settings to disable notifications of imo Android.

1) Go to Settings and select Apps.

2) Under ‘Downloaded’, tap the ‘imo’ app which will open the settings.


3) Simply untick ‘Show notifications’ to disable imo notifications on Nexus 5 phone. This method will work on most of the Android phones which run 4.0 or later Android OS.


Now your Nexus or Pixel or any Andoird smartphones will not notify any notifications from imo app. Now my notification bar doesn’t fill up with imo notifications when someone joins imo or missed calls etc. You will be needing to check the imo app manually for any notifications once you have disabled notifications settings as shown in this guide.

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  1. I am also facing same problem both don’t working.
    only showing register using your mobile phone which i have alredy install on my android phone


  2. when using imo video call on my laptop does not connect to a front camera whereby am not seen when using video calll.pliz give me a solution

  3. Like every body, i can’t login with my windows mobile or laptop, there is no responsibility for problem you made, you have to correct this error as soon as any thing

  4. i downloaded imo on laptop from bluestacks but there is a problem when i use imo on laptop my friend tells me he canot see me and that only my face not my whole and the camera seems like its zooming too much on my face so i tried to put laptop faraway and i sit faraway maybe all of me willl show it didnot work and t website u put for registering imo on laptop is not working

  5. when i installed the app on my cell phone i didn’t receive any code or password or so. Now how can i log in to its website? how can i get or create the required password?

    tnx for reply soon

  6. when using imo video call on my laptop does not connect to a front camera whereby am not seen when using video calll.pliz give me a solution

  7. I installed IMO on my iPad. I used a landline phone number to register. I don’t own a cell phone and there is nothing I’ve read that says one has to use a cell phone number. IMO doesn’t work for me or my friend who has it installed on a Samsung. We are not able to connect. We are really disappointed and there appears to be zero problem solving help from the IMO people.


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