LG Introduces Extremely Thin & Fast Ultrabooks called Z330 & Z430

Ultrabooks aren’t for everyone, or at least when considering their hardware features in today’s’ standards. For instance, they don’t come with optical drives nor gamers friendly powerful graphics. Although some say the importance of having an optical drive will eventually be outrun by Cloud storage modules in the near future. But not having gamers friendly … Read more

CMOS Powered Chip Power Consumption reduced by More than 50%!

If you’re not much of a geek then perhaps the name “CMOS” (stands for: Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) might sound like an alien life form 🙂 (kidding). It’s actually a technology used in manufacturing various types integrated circuits (used in TVs, Computers, Microprocessors and in almost all never electronic products). According to a company called SuVolta (which … Read more

How to Add a Multiple Tabs Close Warning Dialog in Google Chrome?

If you haven’t heard, few days ago Google Chrome surpassed Firefox web browser’s popularity according to Statcounter (a web site analytic service). But despite all these “good” things about Chrome many still use (including me) the fully open source, highly secure Mozilla Firefox. But that being said, I too use both Chrome and Chromium from time to … Read more