Convert PDF to Excel and Calc on Fedora, Ubuntu using ‘Able2Extract’ (commercial software, trail version available)

Since approximately 90% of computer users work on Microsoft Windows, many companies invest their time in developing software that is only compatible with this operating system. was among them until two years ago, when the company recognized the fact that open-source enthusiasts also deserve to be able to convert PDF files in a simple, … Read more

‘SettingSanity’ Re-adds Disable Images & JavaScript Options to Firefox (23)

For those of us who have limited internet bandwidths, having the ability to disable loading images while browsing the web comes in handy as when loading some websites, and if you are not interested viewing their images, they can easily take several Megabytes, if the images are not properly optimized. Luckily, Firefox used to come … Read more

Are We on the Verge of Major Earth Changes ? (more updates: UNESCO releases a ‘Tsunami Preparation’ video, hmm)

‘What is the relationship between the mind and matter ?, can intention affect the behavior of the physical world ?’ These were the questions that few scientists from Princeton university asked themselves, and they came up with an experiment for trying to find an answer. What they did was, they placed ‘Random Number Generators’ around … Read more

‘GNotifier’ Enables Desktop Notifications in Ubuntu for Completed Downloads of Firefox

Whenever Firefox is finished downloading something, it automatically opens up the ‘Downloads’ window to let you know. Or, if you had disabled showing the ‘Downloads’ window or had it minimized during the download (s), then Firefox still gives you a notification on your screen. If you however have disabled showing the ‘Downloads’ window (because sometimes … Read more

How to Fix an Incorrect Audio/Video Sync Setting and Save it Permanently using ‘Avidemux’

‘Audio to video synchronization‘ is an extremely important aspect of a multimedia file, because when playing, multimedia players rely on it for properly synchronizing the audio and the video tracks. If the synchronization value is incorrect, then the audio (or the video) is going to be played early or with a delay, compared to the other, … Read more