Ubuntu 14.10 Released

You know, posting news was never my ‘thing’, which is why one does not get to see a lot of news articles on my blog. That said, even lazy geeks like me cannot ignore when a new version of Ubuntu gets released. So for the sake of my readers who are not yet aware of, behold!, Ubuntu 14.10, code named ‘Utopic Unicorn’, has been released 🙂

There are no noteworthy changes in this release, according to its release notes page. But major applications such as Firefox, LibreOffice… are updated to their latest stable versions, some Unity related bugs have been addressed, and this release is based on the 3.16 Kernel.

I will review it shortly, and unless I notice any, I will be focusing more on the performance aspects of the OS, rather than new features. Other Ubuntu flavors such as Kubuntu 14.10, Xubuntu 14.10 , Lubuntu 14.10 have also been released. Kubuntu in particular, comes with two different variations. One is based on the Plasma version 4, and the other, although still a ‘tech preview’, is based on the gorgeous looking Plasma 5 which I will be also reviewing as well.

You can read the official release notes & obtain the download links form here (if you can resist the urge, first try to read the release notes page carefully).

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