Ubuntu 12.10 gets the Official Code name “Quantal Quetzalu”

When Ubuntu developers are about to release a new version, the founder of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, announces the code name of the other upcoming version that will be released 6 months after the release of the current version.

So, as the next LTS (long term support) version of Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) is on the verge of its release (scheduled on 26th April), few hours ago Mark announced the code name of the 12.10 release, and it’s called, “Quantal Quetzalu”.

Though “Quetzal” is a bird, but here the emphasis is on the latter “Q” and it stands for “Quality”, according to Mark. He says …

“12.04 being an LTS we’ve been minding our P’s and Q’s, but many of our quality-oriented practices from 12.04 LTS will continue into Q territory …

But the finest quality is that without a name, so support for “quality” as a codename would at best be qualified. Every release has quality first these days – they all get used, on the server, on devices, and while the term of maintenance might vary, our commitment to interim releases is just as important as that to an LTS …”

Girly Quetzal says: “I know that I’m pretty, but dunno the first thing about this new dude called ‘Ubuntu’!” 😉 …

*. Image Via deviantart.

But most importantly, at the very end of his post he says …

Q will be all about style on the client, with a refresh of our theme and typography, a start on new iconography … brown is out and something colourful and light is called for …

To be honest, I never quite liked the colors used in Ubuntu (specially those that were used in the early releases, oh them ugly colorssssssss ;-)).

Though I don’t think Ubuntu will be giving up Orange as it has always been in their logo, plus, it represents an important emotional state, Endurance. Also enhances Creativity, Enthusiasm and food craving, according to the color experts.

Anyway, Ubuntu has done quite well in the recent years to recover from the no so good looking theme set 😉 as the current themes looks decent (at least for my taste). But let’s hope the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzalu will have an even better looking theme …

Because even if you have built one of the best operating systems in the world (it ain’t quite there yet), but if it doesn’t look that good, then it might not be able to perform at its full potential. You know what they say, “the subconscious is motivated by emotion, not reason” ( ? ), hey! :D.

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