Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) Precise Pangolin, Released

The latest and the “long term support” (LTS) version of Ubuntu, called 12.04 (code-named: “Precise Pangolin”) has just been released!. Since the first introduction of the “Unity” desktop (came out with Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal), each new release, has brought a much more polished version of the Unity desktop, thanks to the hard work of the Ubuntu developers.

The version included in 12.04 LTS (5.10) also brings a reasonable amount of new features such as:

Improved performance, multi-monitor support, the all new “HUD” menu system, ability to enable/disable Zeitgeist logging (in simple terms, it’s a software framework that logs/monitors the user activity and later uses that data for predicting the needs of that user, hoping that it would improve the user experience. But, if you don’t like being “watched”, then this version of Ubuntu lets you disable it with ease).

And, as I’ve said in the past, 12.04 LTS comes with “RC6” enabled by default, which should decrease the power usage of your Intel Sandy Bridge laptop/notebook, considerably. So if you’ve been wondering why the heck Windows gives you a longer battery life than in Ubuntu, then 12.04 LTS should be able to fix you up as well ;-).


Other (few) changes in applications …

The default music manager is again “Rhythmbox”, replacing “Banshee” which is one of the smarter decisions as far as I can see. Because, though “Banshee” is quite rich in features, looks pretty and all that, but, since it’s created using a software framework called “Mono”, it is known for its system resources “unfriendliness”.

It also includes the latest “stable” versions of other popular software such as Firefox 11.0, Shotwell 12.2, Unity 5.10 (as mentioned above) which officially has switched to the GTK3 (a user interface building framework), LibreOffice 3.5.2, Totem multimedia player 3.0.1 (not updated to its latest version as it requires you to have a GPU hardware acceleration. Meaning that, if you have a somewhat slower or a troublesome GPU due to unstable drivers, then you might run into troubles with Totem. But, since LTS is the long term support, it’s understandable why Ubuntu has decided to stick with the slightly “older” version) and the Kernel version is “3.2.0-23.36”.

These are just some of the main new features to mention (briefly of course).

If you want to install it (duh ;-)), then head over to this Ubuntu home page and get it. A simple tip; you might be better off using the official Torrents rather than the direct downloads via the Ubuntu servers as the last time I checked, even the Ubuntu home page took a somewhat long time to load (everybody wanna have a piece of Ubuntu these days :P).

And in my personal experience, while using direct download links, “Resuming” is known not to work properly too (you really don’t want to end up having to re-download after being stuck at 99.9% now do you? :D).

If you want a more detailed information about what’s new in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin (including them pretty images and videos), then you can read this post written by “Andrei” @ Web Upd8. Good luck folks!.

Oh, BTW, this will be my last post about Ubuntu, because due to various reasons, I’ve decided to say good bye to it and switch over to MS Windows (kidding! ;-)).

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  1. HELP, after I get to the Ubuntu page what do I do as far as “Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin” is concerned? I am at this page and have no f*ckin’ clue what to do next… I am completely flummoxed!

    I am simply not all that familiar computer shite

    Please help me figure out how to download this version of Ubuntu and finally have Nero6 on my computer albeit in another OS!



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