The 5 Types of People You’ll Meet While Random Video Chatting

When you hear about random video chatting, you don’t usually get a lot of details. The focus is on meeting strangers and making new friends, but nobody talks about the different kinds of strangers you could meet on random chat sites. Of course, it doesn’t really matter since you’ll find out anyway…but it can still be nice to know beforehand.

On a site like Camsurf, you can find all kinds of people. They’re from all over the world, they have their own unique viewpoints, and you could spend all day talking to new people and never meet the same person twice. What you may notice, however, is that certain types of people keep cropping up.


The person who goes full stream-of-consciousness and barely lets you get a word in edgewise. The one who takes a while to open up but ends up being one of your favorite chat partners of the day. The following list may not be comprehensive but it’ll cover some of the main types of people that can be found on random chat sites.

#1: The talker

If you thought your Great-Aunt Gertrude talked a lot, wait until you meet this type of random chatter. Their tongue seems to be loose on both ends and hinged in the middle, and even though what they’re saying can be pretty interesting, it’s still a little exhausting to listen to.

For whatever reason, some people just have the gift of the gab, and they rarely hesitate to use it. In some cases, it’s because they’re under-socialized, and random chatting is an outlet where they can let off some steam. Unfortunately, they can have a hard time realizing that their chat partners are getting a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of words coming from their mouths.

In other cases, though, this talkativeness can come from a place of high self-esteem – so high, in fact, that it could be verging on narcissism. Sometimes people talk too much because they forget that anyone besides them could have something to say. In any case, you have no obligation to stick around for a chat that isn’t doing it for you.

#2: The scammer

This random chatter will pretend to be your best friend in the whole world, then try various manipulation tactics to wheedle sensitive information out of you. They might pretend to be open and honest themselves so that you’ll reciprocate, or they could try to tease you into telling them something after establishing a feeling of camaraderie.


It’s an unfortunate fact that not everyone on random chat sites is there to have fun – some people are there to steal your identity. Keep in mind that they aren’t going to show up wearing a bandit mask. Part of their job is to convince you that they’re trustworthy, so a vague feeling of goodwill isn’t a good metric to go by. As long as you refuse to give out any personal details, though, you’ll be fine.

#3: The Explorer

Some people join the random chats for entertainment, but the explorer has something specific in mind. Rather than looking for the edge of the world, they’re more likely to be searching for someone who can geek out with them over their Star Wars figurines, swap quiche recipes, or help out with a DIY project they’re stuck on.

Even if you aren’t quite the chat partner they’re looking for, it can still be fun to share an enthusiasm over something you both love. Plus, this is the kind of person who can clue you in on an obscure but awesome band, tell you about a new combination of pizza toppings they discovered last week, or reignite your interest in an old movie franchise.

#4: The Introvert

This random chatter doesn’t have great social skills, but they’re putting themselves out there anyway. You may not get a glowing first impression from the introvert, but with a little patience, they’ll relax and show their fun side. Whatever you end up talking about, they’ll probably have perspectives you’ve never considered before or strong opinions that you wouldn’t have expected from someone who seems so mild-mannered.

Random video chatting isn’t just for the people who like socializing; it’s also for anyone who normally hates socializing, but still wants to meet new people. This is quite the dilemma, but random chats seem to fit the bill pretty well.

Even if this type of person is dealing with social anxiety, the fact that they can skip to the next chat whenever they want gives them a level of control over each conversation that you can’t get with in-person interactions. They might seem a bit tense or stand-offish at first, but that’s just because they need a couple of minutes to warm up to you. Once you’ve gotten to that point, the conversation can really take off.

#5: The joker

The internet is full of strange people, and random chat sites are no exception. This type of random chatter has a sense of humor that’s larger than life, and they don’t always care if their chat partners understand what’s going on. Sometimes you wonder whether their behavior is meant to be performance art or if they’ve simply never had anyone tell them that their antics aren’t as funny as they seem to think.

Some people like to use random chats as an opportunity to pull pranks or just generally to mess with their chat partners for laughs. It’s usually harmless, but it can occasionally turn into either stupidity or harassment. If you find yourself in a chat with someone who’s behaving oddly, you can either give them the chance to finish whatever they’re up to or find a more coherent chat partner – it’s your choice.

Now that you’ve read through the list, what kind of random chatter are you?

Not everyone will fit perfectly into a single category, but they can still help you keep track of the people you chat with. Who do you think you’ll meet next?

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