Top 10 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Smartphones are part of everyone’s lives these days. It has replaced a lot of gadgets and things that people normally carry with them. Same goes for the notepads and small booklets that people have with them to take notes or write down anything they find important. Here, in this article, we are going to list the 10 best note taking apps for Android 4.4 and Android 5.0. These apps will mostly work on all Android smartphones and tablets.  Also, you will find the same app for iOS which can be used on iPhone and iPad Apple devices.

Smartphones do provide a great way to save notes and documents but not every app is great in doing this job. And now that Android 4.4 and Android 5.0 are here that provides a lot of design features and new functions, it is important that you must have a note-taking app that uses these new features from Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

10 Best Note-Taking Apps for Android 5 and Earlier versions

1) Evernote

evernote-best-note-taking-app-for-Android_thumb-1  Evernote is currently one of the best note-taking apps for Android. The latest version of Evernote is fully optimized to be used on Android 4.4 and Android 5.0. Another great thing about Evernote is that it is available across various platforms so you can sync your notes from any devices such as iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. Evernote also allows you to record voices and save pictures that contain some form of text recognized by the OCR. Besides that, you can also create lists of notes, to-do lists, reminders etc. Overall, Evernote is more than just a simple note-taking app.


2) ColorNote

colornote_thumb-1  Another great app for taking notes on devices running Android 4.4 or Android 5.0 is ColorNote. If you are a fan of colourful UI and want to see beautiful design and layout, this is the right app for you. Besides note-taking, you can also write emails, memos, messages, and to-do lists. This app also comes with a widget that you can put on your main screen for easy access. ColorNote also allows you to put a password lock on your notes to keep them private.


3) Fetchnotes

fetchnote-best-note-taking-app-Android-5.2_thumb-1  A lot of people want to share notes quickly with their friends. Especially when they are at an event and they want to quickly send short notes or important stuff to their friends. Fetchnotes has the best way to do it. The app uses hashtags and @mentions to organize notes and mention a username to share that specific note with the mentioned user. Fetchnotes also allow users to create to-do lists, travel plans and save other important stuff. It basically eliminates the need for any other to-do list app on your smartphone


4) SomNote

somnote_thumb-1  Just like ColorNote, SomNote is another app that has great UI design. One thing that separates SomNote from ColorNote is the light colors that are used in the app. They look very pleasant to the eyes. Functionality wise, this app is great. SomNote gives you features that make sharing and managing your notes easier. You can group your notes into multi-coloured folders. It also allows you to attach media or documents to your notes. And the best thing about this app is that it offers 100MB free cloud storage space so that you can access your notes from anywhere.



5) Papyrus

papyrus_thumb-1  Papyrus is one of the most unique note-taking apps available for Android. It is also one of the famous note taking apps for Android. Unlike other note taking apps, Papyrus allows users to enter handwritten notes on their smartphones or tablets. It’s the same experience as you can have by using a pen or stylus. Papyrus also allows you to fill out PDF forms and save them for later use. During note taking, you can also insert images, shapes and other stuff inside it.


6) Any.DO

anydo-note-taking-app_thumb-1  Any.DO acts as both a note taking app and a reminder as well. You can set alarms on different notes like you have a shopping list and you want to go shopping on a specific day at a specific time then you can set an alarm reminder on that note. You can also pin your notes on the screen. One great feature of Any.DO is that it allows you to sort your notes according to dates. The app also has a very interesting way of deleting notes that you do not need. All you have to do is shake your phone to delete completed notes or to-do lists.


7) Microsoft OneNote

onenote-for-Android_thumb-1  Microsoft OneNote is one of the most versatile note taking apps available for Android users. If you work a lot with Microsoft Office, then Microsoft OneNote is the best choice for you. You can open excel file, PowerPoint slides and word files in OneNote. You also get Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage to store up to 500 notes for free. Just like MS word, Microsoft OneNote also allows you to style the text of the notes like italicize, bold, highlight etc. You can say that Microsoft OneNote is a mini version of MS Word.


8.) Google Keep

GoogleKeep_thumb-1  Google Keep is currently the most optimized note taking app for Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Since it is developed by Google, it has almost all of the cool new features introduced in the above mentioned Android platforms. You can create simple notes with no title or headings and can also create list type notes. You can also add images inside notes and give color to your notes to differentiate between them. Your notes are then arranged on the front screen in the form of sticky notes. The most interesting feature of the Google Keep is the speech-to-text which translates your voice into notes. Just tap on the Mic while you are speaking and it will automatically translate them.


9) Classic Notes

Classic-Note_thumb-1  Classic Notes is an app for people who like to have a classy looking notepad feeling in their note taking app. There are so many features in this app that no other app has. You get a trash bin just in case you accidentally deleted your note. You get note history, just like version control system where you can see which parts of the notes were changed when. Apart from that, you also get over 150 financial calculators to calculate different things. Apart from that, you can also write notes with your hand gestures. This is a must have note taking app for Android who wants to have a lot of features to play with.


10) Simplenote

simplenote_thumb-1  Simplenote is not that kind of app that gives users tons of features. Instead, the app is pretty basic and follows the simplest of schemes to write a note. You get a basic screen where you can create and write down notes you want. You can also tag your notes, arrange them and pin some notes so that they appear on top every time you open the app. Simplenote also offers search functionality to search your notes. This feature is very handy for people who regularly create notes and have hundreds of them. Besides that, Simplenote follows Google design standards pretty rigidly so expect the app to have the sizzling new Android Lollipop material design features. This app really deserves to be in the 10 best note taking apps for Android 4.4 and Android 5.0.


We hope one of the above 10 best note taking apps for Android can fit your requirements on your smartphone or tablet. Each app is having unique features that can fulfill your expectation. It’s always better to stick with the single app for note taking, if it can be synced across multiple devices such as your laptop and desktop, that would be a great deal you must consider!.

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