TinyBurn: Free DVD Burning Software for Windows

By default, Microsoft Windows does come with a simple CD/DVD burning tool of its own, but like many other users, I also find it to be too simple for my needs.

But unlike in the past, these days, you can find a reasonable amount of free disc burning software, where in the past, Nero was like the ultimate tool (well, it still kinda is :D), and thing with Nero is that, it costs a lot of money and recent versions of Nero require a reasonable amount of your system resources as well.

So as an alternative (although not as powerful as Nero is), if you’re looking for a completely free, lightweight, features rich plus, an open source (GNU GPL licensed) CD/DVD burning software application that can be used in Windows, then “TinyBurn” (based on the “InfraRecorder” code) is a tool that you might wanna try.


Since it’s based on “InfraRecorder”, except for a few, the features in “TinyBurn” are also available in “InfraRecorder”. But it’s a newish looking tool though ;-).

Few main features …

*. Has a user friendly “welcome” page.

*. Supports burning CD and DVD (does not support Blu-Ray at the moment).

*. Create Audio CDs, Data CD/DVDs, burn disc images (ISO, BIN/CUE and IMG formats), copy discs and create DVD-Video discs.

*. The developers say that it even has a DVD ripper built into it, I did not test that and couldn’t find such an option either.

*. Erase CD/DVDs.

*. Import multisessions and close sessions.


*. Change advanced disc file system data such as: Adding boot-able content (creating a boot-able disc), change file system type, adding meta-data (author, title, copyright info etc) etc.

*. Save/load projects.

*. You can use its “Options” window to set few other additional settings such as: associate it with the above mentioned disc image files, change buffer size, enable/disable Windows Explorer’s menu integration etc.

*. Verify discs after burning.

*. Supports over-burning (with all due respect ladies & gents!, don’t use it if you don’t know what you’re doing ;-)).

*. View the log output.

These are some of its main features to mention.


Now as said before, the main burning window and the settings are extremely similar to “InfraRecorder” as it’s based on its code. But they’ve added few options of their own such as a modern looking welcome page, new icons, a DVD ripper etc plus most importantly, have also reduced the size from 3.5MB (InfraRecorder) to 1.58MB! which is also impressive.

You can get it from this TinyBurn home page.

The installer also tries to install another application called “Driver Genius” but you can click on the “Cancel” button to skip it if you like. Good luck.



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