‘Terminology’ 0.3 Released: Adds Splits, Tabs, Drag and Drop … more

‘Terminology’ is a visually enhanced ‘Terminal emulator’ for the ‘Enlightenment’ desktop environment (not a complete one, yet). The look and feel of this ‘Terminal emulator’ is so beautiful, even the terminal haters might get tempted to use it! ( 😛 ).

I’m not going to cover its features as I’ve done so in my previous post. However, few days ago, it was updated to 0.3 version and it has brought few major changes.

Drag and drop support has been added, and so now you can drag ‘n’ drop files (images, videos, pdf …) and ‘Terminology’ will open them!. Now you can also split the terminal window both vertically & horizontally and can freely resize as well. Opening multiple tabs is also possible, however, once opened I couldn’t see their tab windows.


‘Terminology’ uses beautiful visual bells and for that it relies on ‘OpenGL’ (open-source 3D rendering framework) and supports both ‘X11’ & ‘Wayland’ display server protocols.

As mentioned in my previous post, although opening images, videos through its window is pretty awesome and a new experience, because ‘Terminology’ uses a command-line based tool called ‘xdg-open’ for locating those files, if they have spaces in their names, then ‘Terminology’ will fail to load them.

You can however open files with spaces using ‘xdg-open’ once you’ve put the file name between two Apostrophes (‘my image.jpg’ for example). So if it is fixable, then let’s hope that ‘Terminology’ developers will add that in the future. For a complete list of its features, please visit this page.


You can install ‘Terminology’ on Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10 by using the ‘Unstable’ (daily packages) PPA. The version 0.3 has not yet made it to the ‘Stable’ PPA. So the only way if you want to give it a go is to use the ‘Stable’ PPA.

For that, open the Terminal window and enter the below command.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hannes-janetzek/enlightenment-svn

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install terminology

Once installed, you should be able to open it by searching for it on ‘Dash’. Enjoy!.

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2 thoughts on “‘Terminology’ 0.3 Released: Adds Splits, Tabs, Drag and Drop … more”

  1. The unstable PPA dosent have 0.3 only 0.2, to get 0.3 you need to build from source, I have tried to this on 12.10 but without success 🙁

    A guide would be great

    • Hello there,

      Well, the unstalble PPA does include the 0.3 version, once installed, open it and right-click on an empty area, then from the buttons window that you get, select ‘About’ and it will display its version.

      However, since this is the unstable PPA, it will be updated frequently, rather than giving packages from one stable/official release to the next.


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