Tech Student Startups That Help When Studying in College

The modern world is changing every second, complicating the lives of millions of students worldwide. Fortunately, many people have found ingenious ideas that simplify everyday life and the educational process. Here are tech student startups that help when studying in college.

So get ready to find at least a few companies that will help you simplify your everyday life. Many of the ideas are pretty simple but ideal for meeting many needs and improving the educational process.


Big Fish Presentations

Here is a perfect example of a startup created by a group of students. Kenny Nguyen, the startup founder, has always wanted a handy tool for creating colorful and informative presentations. That is why he collaborated with friends and created Big Fish Presentations.

This web service is designed to create slides, guides, video presentations, and other visual content for students. Thanks to the website, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have access to a convenient digital environment. What’s more, this service is ideal for making it easy to organize key data while preparing for a college speech. Even professors can use BFP to prepare for lectures and seminars.


And here is one of the most famous British startups that aim to help students worldwide. Gauthier Van and Matthew Davis created Perlego as a digital assistant and service where students can find any textbook, book, or magazine. According to legend, the founders of this startup did not have enough money and ways to buy educational literature.

That is why Perlego is a one-stop shop where anyone can quickly find a book based on their educational needs. Price filters and additional options are designed to reduce the time it takes to find the best deal.


In other words, this is something like a large online service that you need to visit if you do not know where to look for textbooks. Now the search for something important will not affect your academic performance. However, there are situations when even the best startup cannot help you solve any problem related to your assignments and information search.

In this case, you can pay someone to do your homework. There is no shame in using writing services. In addition, you can get a sample that will be the perfect guide for future homework assignments.


Immerse is a unique project for students who want to learn English. The fact is that this startup uses virtual reality to adapt lessons and visualize content. The general concept is based on the fact that people perceive sound and visual information better when nothing interferes with them.

In addition, the process of learning English in VR space is fascinating, as you can observe avatars, digital objects, and visual effects. According to the startup team, VR technology doubles language learning speed.

Surely such a non-standard educational method will be of interest primarily to foreigners who find it challenging to associate words with images or objects.

HBCU Buddy

HBCU Buddy is a unique app that helps you view every historical college or university stats. Let’s say you want to choose a suitable educational institution in one of the states, but first, you want to look at the average SAT scores and available majors.

Thanks to this application, you will learn all the essential information to list the best colleges or universities. Now future students do not need to spend a lot of time on routine activities.


A few years ago, iHomework became one of the most popular startups. Paul Pilone created this app so that every student could track college projects and assignments.


At the moment, the startup is used by hundreds of thousands of students and professors across America. In a way, it’s like a digital community that brings students together and makes their lives easier.


Satwik Mishra created this startup when he was 21. The main idea is that it is very difficult for future mechanical engineers to find relevant educational content, articles, magazines, and training videos.

This problem is relevant for India, the USA, Mexico, and many other countries. That is why he created an online service where students can access important educational content. At the moment, this is one of the most popular and well-known Indian startups, which is also relevant for English-speaking students.


Uni-Life is a startup created by Thomas Smulders. This guy has developed a digital platform for colleges and universities to track all official events and other activities. All you need to do is download the app and select your educational institution.

At the moment, the startup has entered into partnership agreements with many colleges and universities in the United States. Thanks to this, students can track all important activities and activities in real-time.

Final Words

No one will tell you the formula for a successful startup because it depends on many factors, such as luck, the relevance of the idea, and the quality of its implementation.

However, all of the above startups have become very popular among students. The main reason is that services, sites, applications and educational projects take into account the needs of millions of people. All the startups mentioned in the article were created by students who know firsthand what obstacles are to gaining knowledge.

Stefan Richard is one of the folks who can't have a life without technology, especially Microsoft products. He has more than 12+ experience in Information technology. He worked as IT trainer, network/system administrator and IT Infrastructure manager. Stefan is the co-founder of HecticGeek.

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