Take Screenshots and Record Desktop Activities using ‘Desktop Capture’ (Cinnamon)

‘Desktop Capture’ is an applet for the Linux Mint’s Cinnamon desktop that combines the functionality of the built in screenshot taker and a simple screen recorder, though it only supports capturing the video.

It is a very simple applet and except for a few, you cannot really change any settings (such as video codec, resolution, saved file format of the captured images etc) either. But it can be useful at times.

The screenshot tool supports capturing the current window, a selected area, entire screen and delaying up to 5 seconds. If you click on the ‘Interactive’ option, it will open the built in screenshot taker (which is what ‘Desktop Capture’ really makes use of).


There is an option for enabling/disabling including the mouse pointer, however, it wasn’t able to capture my mouse pointer for some reason.

The screen recorder, as mentioned above, only captures the video (if you want something that records both audio and video, then try ‘Screencastor‘) and encodes its using the HTML5 friendly VP8 codec and WebM format. It captures the video in your current resolution, at a frame rate of 25 per second, and also indicates the process as shown below as well.


If interested, you can install it in Linux Mint 14 using the below instructions.

Step 1:

First click this link and download the package.

Step 2:

Now open it by double clicking on it. It is compressed, so once the archive manger opens it up, extract its content to your ‘Home’ folder.

Step 3:

Now  open your Terminal window and enter the below command.

mv [email protected] ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets

Step 4:

Now right click on a free area on the bottom panel on your desktop and from the menu choose ‘Add applets to the panel’.


From the next window, search for ‘desktop capture’ in the search box and once located, put a ‘cross mark’ on the small empty box to enable it. And as soon as you do that, you should see its icon appearing on the system tray area on the bottom panel (as shown in the first screenshot). That’s it.

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