How IoT Can Help to Reduce Carbon Footprint


There has been so much buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) technology influencing various industries, showing that the world is entering a period of advancement. IoT has proven that the things we could only imagine have now become a …

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How to Improve the Performance of My WordPress Site


Assuming your WordPress site’s speed is fine because it “doesn’t feel slow” to you is a common mistake beginners make. Modern browsers have caching functions and automatically retrieve your site, so it loads quickly on your computer. In fact, it …

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Choosing between Freshdesk and Zendesk


Customer support service and the online aspect of business can work only as well as its software allows. You will have to choose something which will enhance your crew’s productivity and provide the users with the best client experience. That …

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Why Do Customer Analytics Matter?


Nowadays, most businesses have at least a general understanding that customer analytics is essential. However, many companies still do not fully understand the benefits of it or how to use them effectively. Even so, customer analytics matter and they can …

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Multitasking in Salesforce: Business Benefit


As a business in our modern era, staying competitive and relevant is crucial. You can’t afford to be left behind in a world that moves at such a rapid pace. To do so, you must keep up with the latest …

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Attract the Top Talent With Persona-Based Recruiting


Persona-based recruiting is the key to finding the right candidates that suit your company. It’s a research-driven approach to creating the ideal employee persona (much like you would make a customer persona) and building a profile of the type of …

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Things to Know About Corporate Videos in Melbourne


The visual medium is undoubtedly more effective than the written content nowadays. Studies have shown the brain’s capacity to process visuals faster and retain them longer than other mediums, such as text. Perhaps that’s the reason behind corporations and multinational …

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How To Get Graphic Design Work With No Experience


Graphic designers use technology to tell stories in meaningful ways, from the packaging of your favorite chocolate bar to the logo on your t-shirt and everything in between. Graphic design is a diverse industry and one of the most popular …

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5 Interesting Student Startups You Must Watch


As a college student, your life is full, and it may not seem like the most significant time to turn your idea into a startup. Opening a startup in college may mean you’re pressed for time, but it can have …

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