‘Sleep#’ Puts Windows PCs to Sleep During Multimedia Playback

‘Sleep#’ (‘sleepsharp’) is a simple but a handy utility for those of you who listen to audio or video songs before going to sleep, and looking for a way to put the PC to sleep once the playback (or playlist) is finished (as Windows disables ‘Sleep mode’ when playing multimedia files).

Not only that, for some chosen multimedia players (VLC, Windows Media Player, BBC iPlayer etc), ‘Sleep#’ even has the ability to automatically put the PC to sleep once they’ve finished playing videos in fullscreen mode, though feature however did not work with the MS media player in Windows 8.

Nevertheless, in those cases, you can use the built in ‘Countdown timer’ for sending the PC to sleep, and no matter what media player it is or if it has finished playing the items in your playlist or not etc, ‘Sleep#’ will send the PC to sleep.

It also fades the audio and the screen brightness (just before entering into ‘Sleep mode’), and it is pretty cool too ;-).


Few other features of ‘Sleep#’ …

*. It lets you put the PC to ‘Sleep’, ‘Hibernate’ or ‘turn off the display’.

*. Enable ‘grace’ period:

A ‘grace’ period is a period that you can use to make ‘Sleep#’ halt putting the PC into sleep (temporarily), so you will have enough time to cancel the process.

*. Has a ‘Countdown timer’ with built in timers (5/10/30 in minutes or 1/2/4/8/24 in hours. You can also combine these individual values too) and shows the countdown once selected.

*. Shows notifications.

*. When fading audio & the screen (just before putting the PC to sleep), it also displays its logo at the middle of the screen (shown below), but they’re all can be disabled.


These are some of its main features to mention.

Now I don’t know if it officially supports Windows 8, but it worked without issues while I was using it. If interested, please download it from this ‘Sourceforge’ page.

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4 thoughts on “‘Sleep#’ Puts Windows PCs to Sleep During Multimedia Playback”

  1. Thanks for the review, glad you like it. I’m working on Windows 8 compatibility at the moment. I’m sure there are lots of people who use their computers in this way, but end up leaving them on all night. Sleep# could end up saving a lot of power if more people knew about it!

    Would you be willing to help test future versions/Windows 8 compatibility?


    Chris 🙂

  2. Thanks Gayen 🙂 I’ve just released version 2.3 which fixes some issues with multi-monitor setups and Windows 8. Give that a try if you like. Getting it to work after the default Windows 8 media player stops might take some more work though, but for now it works with Windows Media Player on Windows 8.

    Thanks for helping spread the word and let me know if you find any more issues 🙂

    • Thanks for the update ‘Chris’. I installed it and used it without any issues (hope that you add the WMP support soon, not that I use ‘WMP’ that often, but I’m sure there are many others who’d love it :D).


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