‘SettingSanity’ Re-adds Disable Images & JavaScript Options to Firefox (23)

For those of us who have limited internet bandwidths, having the ability to disable loading images while browsing the web comes in handy as when loading some websites, and if you are not interested viewing their images, they can easily take several Megabytes, if the images are not properly optimized.

Luckily, Firefox used to come with such as option that was accessible through ‘Options -> Content‘, but with the version 23, Mozilla developers have decided to remove it, including disabling ‘JavaScript’.

Now I usually kept JavaScript enabled (as some websites need it to display their content properly), but it too can save some of the bandwidth once disabled (since it eliminates automatic web page content ‘refreshing’ for instance) and some also recommend disabling it for security reasons.

Before …

Anyhow, if you are using the latest version of Firefox (‘23.0.1‘ as of now) and looking for a way to re-enable these options, then ‘SettingSanity’ add-on is your answer!. Once installed, not only it adds those options where they used to be, it also gives you the ability to add them into a toolbar for easy access, which I find to be very, very handy.

After …

If interested, please download it from this page (a thanks goes to ‘RealityRipple’ -- the developer, for creating this). You will have to restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.

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