How To Sell Custom Software To Big Enterprise Companies

There are several steps to sell custom software for big enterprise companies. It’s essential to have a well-defined strategy to deliver your digital product to thousands of large-scale, successful enterprise companies. After all, the process for selling software is completely different based on the audience you are looking to attract.

As a business-savvy developer yourself, you’ll want to know exactly how to leverage your online presence, development expertise, and marketing strategy to target enterprise businesses effectively. This way, you can promote your business, products, and services to a high-net-worth audience. Read on to learn how to sell custom software for big enterprise companies.


1) Choose Companies To Target  

First off, choose large-scale enterprise companies to target for custom software sales. Design a prospect list that prioritizes the perfect balance between lead quantity and quality. Of course, you’ll have to invest additional time, resources, and effort into targeting more significant, more successful organizations. This means you need to conduct market research, perfect key selling processes, and verify the target is worth your time.

Even though this requires more work, it is almost always the better option to target highly profitable, valuable clients. This way, you can maximize your earning potential, streamline client acquisition, and secure a foothold in the software development industry. Surely, select companies to target to sell your custom software to big enterprise corporations.

2) Think About The Tools You Used

If you spent money on any programming tools or development resources, you’ll want to think about them as well. After all, this will help you better calculate development costs and determine the most effective pricing strategy for your software solution. Many developers work with powerful resources, like Docker hub, which is Docker’s official registry. This default registry currently hosts well over 100,000 images that have been downloaded at least a billion times each.

Working with Docker hub, users can benefit from a large library of trustworthy images, as well as tons of built-in security features. If you invested in these programming tools or any other software engineering solution, be sure to take note. Then, you can present this information to your audience for financial backing.

3) Determine A Price Structure

Next, determine the price structure you’ll sell your custom software at. You’ll want to carefully think about your software pricing to boost sales and maximize your earning potential. This will help you gain insight and determine which pricing tactics are most effective for your target audience. Since you target enterprise agencies, you may want to offer different pricing brackets. This will allow you to charge more for massive corporations with larger-than-average budgets.


Another pricing tactic is to charge extra for access to more tools, features, or capabilities. This way, you can always make additional income from your existing client base. Remember that being cheaper isn’t better. In fact, some clients see a correlation between cheap prices and low-quality products. Definitely, you’ll want to know how much to charge professional enterprise organizations throughout your custom software selling process.

4) Get To Know Some Industry Influencers

Then, get to know some industry influencers who can help you sell custom software to enterprise companies. Take the time to connect and engage with notable influencers in your field. These promotional experts are experienced in how to sell software products with traditional marketing tactics, as well as digital-savvy advertising efforts.

With their help, you’ll be able to effectively get your product into the hands of thousands of interested buyers. They’ll work hard to target small niche audiences and unique enterprise business groups. This way, you can attract business from the clients you need the most. Of course, working with influencers is a crucial step in your enterprise software selling strategy.

5) Implement Customer Support

Before you start selling your software to others, you’ll need to have reliable customer support. This will help big enterprise companies troubleshoot issues, navigate your application, and gain supportive assistance. To save time and money, you’ll want to design your own automated support service in-house. This allows your enterprise users to receive reliable 24/7 whenever necessary.

Typically, these support communications are carried out automatically by artificial intelligence chatbots. You can also try email support options, which allow customers to describe their problems in detail. Indeed, you need to think about customer support options when selling software to big enterprise companies.

Closing Words…

There are several steps to sell custom software for big enterprise companies. First, choose large-scale enterprise businesses to maximize sales. Then, try out different types of pricing structures with your customers to secure more income. Also, meet some industry influencers to get additional clients. Next, implement reliable customer support to help clients troubleshoot their technical problems. Read the steps above to sell custom software for big enterprise companies.

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