‘Selene’ is a Simple Audio/Video Converter for Ubuntu 12.10

‘Selene’ is a multimedia converter that lets you convert almost any audio/video format into few popular formats easily. It uses ‘ffmpeg’ (including few other command-line based tools) for the encoding, mainly, therefore any multimedia format supported by ‘ffmpeg’ can be loaded into ‘Selene’.

The supported video output formats are: WebM, MKV (with few built in presets -- ‘Repack with Subs’, ‘X264 & mp3, 700MB’ & ‘X246 & mp3’), OGV (Video is converted to ‘Theora’ and audio to ‘OGG Vorbis’).

It also lets you convert a multimedia file into an audio only formats (OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA) automatically crops out the black regions of the video (disabled by default), shows previews and lets you view advanced details of the file (codec related data) as well.


But as mentioned in the beginning, ‘Selene’ is a very simple tool. Therefore it won’t let you adjust other settings such as the resolution, bitrates, sample rates etc from the GUI. However, whenever you select a built in preset, what happens is that, ‘Selene’ simply executes a shell script.

So the thing is, ‘Selene’ lets you open the folder where these scripts are located. And if you are familiar with those command-line based tools, then you can simply change the appropriate script a bit and add the functions that are not enabled by default!.

For example, while converting into ‘OGV’ format, it uses ‘ffmpeg2theora’ (a ‘ffmpeg’ based Theora video converter) and by default there is no option to resize the video output (which otherwise is useful for obtaining the optimal quality for a given file size).

But once the ‘OGV’ preset is chosen, you can open the scripts folder (by clicking on the small folder icon in front of the presets dialog-box), and then add the video resizing feature to that script!.


This of course is not something that most users (new users) will be capable of doing. But it is possible nevertheless. Anyhow, if interested, you can install ‘Selene’ on Ubuntu 12.10 (that is the only version supported, currently) by using the below three commands.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:teejee2008/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install selene

Once installed, you can search for it in ‘Dash’ for opening.

Other features of ‘Selene’:

*. Files can be added by dragging onto into its window as well.

*. Change where the output files are saved.

*. Moves the input files to a different location (disable by default).

Well, that’s pretty much it. Enjoy!.

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