Search, Download & Play Music from ‘Grooveshark’ in Ubuntu using ‘GrooveOff’

‘GrooveOff’ is a new & a simple utility that lets you search, download & play songs from ‘Grooveshark’ (free, online music streaming solution) under GNU/Linux (Ubuntu included).

Downloading a song using ‘GrooveOff’ is pretty simple. First search for your music, locate the track from the list, then click on the small ‘Download’ icon at the end of the track’s name. This will download it to your HDD.

You don’t have to wait till a download finishes for playing it, as once a download has reached a certain percentage (usually around 18-20 %), you can start playing it. And the built-in player window (basic one) let you ‘Pause’, ‘Stop’ & ‘Cancel’ a download easily.


By default, the downloaded tracks are saved into your ‘Music’ folder on ‘Home’, but you can easily change it. You can also make it save your searched terms, enable/disable showing cover-arts, change the maximum allowed simultaneous downloads (default is ‘5’) by using the ‘Settings’ window as well.


Other features:

*. Open the location of the downloaded audio track through the file manager.

*. Delete downloaded tracks.

*. Sort search results by Artists names or Albums.

*. Re-connect with ‘Grooveshark’ (starting a ‘new session’).

Any issues ?

1. As mentioned earlier, this is a very new utility & might contain bugs. I think I may have come across one too. That is, sometimes, the downloading function doesn’t work & displays a network access error, although the internet connection works just fine. If I close ‘GrooveOff’ & launch it after few minutes, then it usually gets ‘fixed’.

As an attempt to see what’s going on, I tried launching it through the ‘Terminal’, and as you can see, although the search function works without issues, once trying to download something, it displays the error ‘GrooveOff :: StreamKey not found’.


2. This is not really an issue, only a sort of a feature request :). Now, it replaces the ‘Download’ icon with a ‘Refresh/Redownload’ icon for all the downloaded tracks. Although this icon indication is always present, you can only play the downloaded songs within each session, as it loses the previously ‘downloaded playlist’ the next time you open it.

So hopefully, the future versions will address this as well. That’s all for issues (yet :P).

‘GrooveOff’ has built-in packages (32-bit & 64-bit) for ‘Ubuntu’ (for both 12.04 LTS & 12.10), ‘openSUSE’, ‘Fedora’, ‘Arch’, ‘Chakra’ & ‘Magia’. I only tested it on Ubuntu 12.10.

If interested, then please visit this page & download it.

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9 thoughts on “Search, Download & Play Music from ‘Grooveshark’ in Ubuntu using ‘GrooveOff’”

  1. Qt apps rocks man! Thanks for sharing this man 🙂
    One thing though, when i’m purge and reinstall this apps, it doesn’t pick up my previous downloads?

      • LOL. I too miss this feature, otherwise ‘GrooveOff’ is just peffect :).

        I actually thought that, you were referring to it not being denoting the already downloaded songs (using the ‘Re-download’ icon on the search listings) once you remove & re-install the app.

        If anyone is having that issue, then simply locate the ‘Music’ folder where you previously had set in ‘GrooveOff’. After that, they’ll be listed with the ‘Re-download’ icon from the search results page.

  2. great product. easy install on ubuntu 12.04 64bit. simple to search, play, download. would like a feature to download entire album with one click. but i don’t download that much and we know grooveshark will always be there. right?

  3. Hi folks!

    I’m new to Ubuntu (have installed the 14.04 a couple of months ago), and swimming in the web I found this page about GrooveOff, which sounds great!
    The proble is that I had some problem finding it and with the installation.. I tried to download it using
    ‘sudo apt-get install grooveoff’ but cannot find it, and when i finally downloaded it from Softpedia and read the readme file, I encountered some code lines I don’t know how to interpret..

    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
    make install (as root)

    Could anyone help me?
    thanks in advance!!!

    • Hi rogue,

      Just visit the link that I’ve provided at the end of this article (you can’t use ‘apt-get’ because it is not included in Ubuntu’s online server through which they provide additional software applications). Once you’re in there, you will see two packages for Ubuntu 14.04. One is for 32-bit and the other is (obviously) for the 64-bit architecture. Download the proper package and once done, simply double click on it and Ubuntu Software Center will do the rest for you.

      The installation steps that you’ve provided is for an advanced installation type and since you seem very new to GNU/Linux, it’s not going to be easy for you to install it using that. Good luck.


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