qtRehber: Simple Address Book Application

“qtRehber” is a simple address book application written using the Qt toolkit. It is an open source utility, runs in Windows and Ubuntu and is still at “Beta” stage. So perhaps not everything is fully implemented yet, but it is functional if you wanna try it.

It ran quite well in Unity desktop in Ubuntu 11.10. Although there was no icon on the application launcher for it (only an empty space, it works while minimizing and maximizing anyway :D) but as said, it’s still in beta stage so things like these has to expected.

Few main features …

*. Add/Remove/Rename address book entries.


*. Add record entries with details such as : Name, Surname, Telephone, Group, E-Mail, note (description) and an Image.

*. Export/Import your address book lists (in “.CSV” format).

*. Search: Unless you add the exact name, it won’t give you any results right now.

Issues with the beta version …

*. First of all; It does not let us use mouse for adding/deleting entries (have to use the menu instead), so before it gets released, if the developer can implement mouse support (right click on an entry and add/rename/delete etc), that would be great! :).

*. Second of all; When you delete an entry, it just deletes it without giving you a confirmation dialog!. So please be aware of it. However, when you close the application it gives you a warning asking you want to save your changes. And if you click “Discard”, then those deleted entries (plus if you added new entries afterward) should be automatically restored.

*. And thirdly, it comes with a group name called “Empty” and right now we cannot delete that.

*. Fourthly, the “search” feature has to improve.

“If you’re the developer, please remember that, this is not to undermine your work, but only few simple ideas for helping you to improve it.” (by Gayan ;-))


If interested you can get it from this qtRehber project page (Ubuntu users can use the “.deb” packages, it works with 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, but not sure if it works with older versions though). Good luck.

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