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As a regular computer user, if you usually end up doing the some tasks again and again, each and everyday (sort of a little “deja vu situation” ;-)) then something like a task automator will come in handy for you.

In that case, if you’re looking for a completely free, Qt written , task automator that’s rich in features then you should try “Actionaz”!. Currently it has pre-build packages for Ubuntu Linux (11.04 and 11.10 only) and Windows so installing it is pretty easy.

But please remember that this is a task automator and is not a scheduler.

Here are some of its main features …


*. Windows and Messages related options:

If you have opened a huge list of windows and can’t see which is where then you can use “Actionaz” built in “Window” & “Window condition” feature for it to automatically locate a program’s window and close, minimize, maximize etc (I guess you get the basic idea) just by clicking on a button.

*. Mouse related emulation:

From automatic mouse courser movements to clicking (right/left and mouse wheel) on specified locations, it’s pretty easy to setup.

Click (and don’t release) on that “cross-mark” and move the cursor to your preferred location and Actionaz will automatically enter the “location” …

If you have a script on your desktop or a program icon that you usually launch (backup script for instance). Then you can define its position (using the built in pixel calculator) and add it’s position to Actionaz. Later you can press the “execute” button and launch it with ease!.

You can also use it to launch applications from the Unity application launcher too.

Enter a decent timeout value … (only for the Unity application launcher)

*. Key emulation: You can also make it to press certain keys on your keyboard.

*. Launch a command, kill a process, Open a URL, play a sound file and other system related tasks such as reboot/logout/lock screen/shutdown etc.

“Launch a command” feature for instance can be quite useful depending on your needs. Say that I usually use the “cp” command to backup a certain folder in command-line (my home folder) on daily basic.

Then rather than opening up the Terminal and typing it, I can use “Actionaz” and paste the appropriate command and when needed, all I gotta do is just press its “execute” button and the rest will just happen! :). Sort of a small shell script.


*. Launch codes and scripts.

*. Add variables and time conditions.

*. Export/Import the actions.

*. Rename action IDs to your desired ones (renaming the default “001” to what that action does, say to “Firefox” if it launches that for instance) for remembering easily.


*. Enable/Disable the actions.

*. Execute individual actions or all.

*. System tray icon.


*. You can use it to copy a single file, download a file from Internet, write a text file, read your clipboard memory etc are just a little of its features to mention.

You can install Actionaz in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and 11.04 Natty Narwhal by using its PPA. For that please use the below commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adri2000/actionaz

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install actionaz

For MS Windows users, please get it from this Actionaz home page. Good luck.

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