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Just like in real life, “digital” note taking too has its advantages. Since all we geeks spend a lot of our time in front of a computer, it helps to arrange and keep things in order. Now with Ubuntu we do get a note taking app called “Tomboy” and it’s extremely simple but is pretty good for that task.

However if Tomboy doesn’t simply meet your needs, say that you’re a bit of an advanced note taker 😉 and looking for something that’s really rich in features but still looks simple and easy to use, then Basket Note Pads is an excellent solution!.

But when considering its “origin” those features aren’t surprising because it’s UI is written in Qt toolkit and the app itself is a part of Qt/KDE. As most know, KDE is known for her versatile features where Gnome uses a bit different approach by staying “simple”.

A note with a background …

Main features …

*. Create notes in categories.

*. Create notes with multiple columns.

*. Add texts and make them: Bold/Italic/Underline, change fonts, change text colors, Center, align left etc.


*. Add URL Link to your existing notes (wiki style).

*. Add background images or add images into the note itself.

*. Add program launchers inside of your Notes! (again may not be tempting to everyone, but say that you have set a “remainder” note to open a certain app daily … then this might come in handy).


*. Add tags with Emblems to notes (including Emoticons, “Important”, “To-Do”, “Idea”, “Progress” etc).


Obviously these tags can be used for searching/finding other than for “highlighting” a note from others. You can also change these Emblem icons too.

*. Basket Note Pads supports importing notes taken from other popular programs such as: Tomboy, Knote, TuxCards, Stickeynotes etc.


*. Search.

*. Change keyboard shortcuts.

*. Add password protection to notes.

*. Backup and restore.

*. Save in HTML format.

*. Sort notes.

*. Show hide status bar.

*. Drag and move individual sections (text fields, images, link fields etc) inside notes with ease.


*. Runs in the system tray like any other note taking app.

*. Excellent built in help and tips, handy for beginners.

*. You can change a lot of its other settings via the configuration window too.


You can install Basket Note Pads in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 and 10.04 by typing the below command in your Terminal window

sudo apt-get install basket

If you want to edit the inserted images, then you can use its “Configuration window” to set preferred application launching name or can simply install “kolorpaint” (KDE’s painting app) by using the below command.

sudo apt-get install kolorpaint4

But this of course is optional.

Any drawbacks?

Well, this is a Qt/KDE project thus when installing it for the first time it’ll install a reasonable amount of KDE based dependencies which can take some HDD space won’t necessarily slow down you PC but some of those libraries feel like unnecessary for Gnome or Unity users.

But for KDE users, this is not an issue as most of those dependencies are already installed. Few times its menu bar disappeared from the top bar now seems to be working. That’s all I have to say about that ;-).

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1 thought on “Powerful Note Taking App for Ubuntu Linux – Basket Note Pads”

  1. Good descrition of BASKET here!
    But because of getting in troubles when trying to use BASKET NOTE PADS in UBUNTU Saucy and Linux MINT 16 “Petra”, esp. the global keybinding features (hotkeys not working at all!), I want to share my solution here:

    After hours and hours of searching around I finally found a file called “kglobalshortcutsrc” within the folder “~/.kde/share/config/” with some global shortcuts for BASKET listet (german version here):

    _k_friendly_name=BasKet Notizblätter
    global_note_add_html=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T,Textnotiz einfügen
    global_paste=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V,Inhalt der Zwischenablage im aktuellen Korb einfügen
    global_paste_selection=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S,Selektion einfügen im aktuellen Korb
    global_show_hide_main_window=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W,Hauptfenster zeigen/verstecken

    I tried them all – with LUCK! 🙂 Now BASKET (again) works fine for me as a mighty note-taking software in Linux MINT 16!

    Hope this will help somebody searching for the global hotkeys of BASKET in UBUNTU- and MINT-OS!


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