‘Pimagizer’ is Minimalist Image Resizer for Ubuntu 13.10, 13.04, 12.10 & 12.04

‘Pimagizer’ is new image resizing utility for GNU/Linux. It has a minimalistic appearance thus you will not get a lot of options, but it has a unique way (somewhat) of arranging thumbnails of the loaded images, after which, in my opinion, the interface becomes beautiful and fun to work with.

You can adjust the output image size as a percentage or by manually inputting the pixel counts. And when resizing, it automatically preserve the aspect ratio as well.

You can add new images by simply clicking on the image thumbnail area. You cannot add folders, but can always select and add multiple images manually. Currently, it supports JPEG & PNG formats only.



‘Pimagizer’ automatically renames the output images, so the original ones will not be overwritten. It has an option to save the images into a different location, but it did not work while I was testing it (Ubuntu 13.04, 64-bit) as they always got saved into the original/source folder.

Also remember that for the thumbnail generation to work, all the images should be of the same size. So hopefully these issues will be addressed in future releases.

There is a ‘Preferences’ window lets you adjust the thumbnail size and enabling/disabling adding the image size attribute (with/height) to the output image’s name as well. And that is pretty much ‘Pimagizer’ at the moment :).


If interested, then please visit this page and download the latest ‘.deb’ package (there are packages for other distributions too) and then simply double click on the downloaded file to install it on Ubuntu.


grazie Roberto @ LFFL

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