A Typing Tutor for Ubuntu Linux – Klavaro

Touch typing is an extremely useful skill that once learn (even for the “average” computer users) can really can speed things up because it saves a huge amount of time and effort. Another word that goes with touch typing is the keyboard layout which “defines” how the keys are arranged on a keyboard. Although QWERTY

FSF starts a Campaign Against “MS Secure Boot”

The Free Software Foundation says that, Microsoft’s own version of “Secure boot” is actually another word for “restricted boot”. But according to Microsoft, they’re just trying to enhance the security of their OS by using the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) (a framework) but the FSF and open source community in general says this is in

Linux Mint 12 may Include Gnome Shell! (3.2)

Gnome Shell, some people absolutely love it. Others… well they just haaaaaaaaaaaate it. They have all their reasons and I’m not gonna judge any of those. But did you know that the extremely popular GNU/Linux distribution known as the “Linux Mint” might come with Gnome Shell 3.2 with the upcoming 12th version!. Although in the