How to Install FoxitReader 1.1 on Fedora (22, 21…)?

‘FoxitReader’ was a very popular PDF reader among ¬†the GNU/Linux users, but sadly, Foxit no longer develops the GNU/Linux version and¬†the previously existed official download links are now gone as well. To tell you the truth, these days, I don’t¬†think it’s a big deal at all, because there are much better alternatives in GNU/Linux that

How to Install ‘HandBrake’ 0.10.2 on Fedora 22?

Whether it’s ripping a DVD or converting a multimedia file into a different format, ‘HandBrake’ is one of my favorite video transcoders due its powerful features. Where most others lack (subtle) advanced features such as video cropping, ‘Handbrake’ has it all, well, almost. With ‘HandBrake’ you can crop (manually or automatically), add denoise filters, change

Fedora 22 Review: Bit of a Slow Boot-up, Otherwise Much Improved

It’s tough, robust, stable, idealistic, and loyal¬†to¬†its principles. This is my conceived idea of the GNU/Linux distribution known as ‘Fedora’. That said,¬†I don’t necessarily admire all of its characteristics, but I deal with Fedora¬†with respect because¬†I have a history with it. Because even though over the years I’ve used other distributions most of the time,

Ubuntu 15.04 (vs 14.10 vs 14.04 LTS) Review: Demands A Little ‘Spanking’, But Rocks Afterwards!

Ubuntu 15.04, code named ‘Vivid Vervet’, does not include any significant changes from an end-user’s point of view, although, as far as system administrators & perhaps (low-level) software developers are concerned, a significant change¬† has taken place because with this release, Ubuntu has switched to the widely accepted (but ironically heavily criticized) ‘systemd’ ‘init’ system

KaOS 2015.02 Review: Delivers a Pure KDE Plasma 5.0 Desktop

My previous encounter with ‘KaOS’ was a delightful one. It was a beautiful, fresh (barely nine months old back then), fast and a responsive GNU/Linux distribution. And from an emotional perspective, it also¬†felt ‘focused!’. And it in fact is focused, because it adores the KDE desktop and the Qt toolkit, and carries the objective of

Install ‘mpv’ (media player) on Fedora 21 [How to]

‘mpv’ is a powerful multimedia player that¬†is based on MPLayer and mplayer2 projects. It also contains new features of its own (according to the developers)¬†and supports hardware (GPU) based video decoding (through VDPAU, VAAPI and VDA APIs) as well. It comes with a built-in GUI but it is a very simple looking one, and by

How to Shred a Partition in Fedora 21?

I recently had an interesting experience with one of my partitions that had an ‘Ext4’ file system on it¬†which¬†used to contain (installed) data of¬†a certain GNU/Linux distribution. I later reformatted it using ‘Ext4’ and re-installed the GRUB boot-loader with¬†Fedora 21‘s configuration (it’s my main OS these days). After re-formatting it, I mounted it on Fedora

Install VirtualBox 4.3.20 on Fedora 21 [How to]

Since it is free & includes wide variety of features, ‘VirtualBox‘ is my favorite virtualization software. For making the installation a breeze,¬†‘VirtualBox’ graciously provides repositories for¬†few¬†popular GNU/Linux distributions¬†as well. But,¬†it has been a couple of weeks already, a repository is yet to arrive for Fedora 21. If you cannot wait till the repository¬†arrives (which shouldn’t