A Typing Tutor for Ubuntu Linux – Klavaro


Touch typing is an extremely useful skill that once learn (even for the “average” computer users) can really can speed things up because it saves a huge amount of time and effort. Another word that goes with touch typing is …

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Best Audio Editor & Recorder for Ubuntu Linux – Audacity


Unless you’re really new to GNU/Linux, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve never heard of Audacity. If you haven’t nonetheless then, Audacity is simply one of the best, free & open source audio editing and recording utilities that comes with cross-platform …

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A Simple Disc Image Mounter for Ubuntu – Mounty!


Creating a disc image has its advantageous rather than the usual “copy->paste” methods as it lets us create an exact replica of the source disc. For instance, if you’re trying to make a boot-able copy of say Ubuntu itself, then …

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How to Install Foxit Reader in Ubuntu?


Adobe invented the PDF (portable document format) thus their PDF Reader is perhaps one of the most widely used applications for reading PDF files. But in my experience, apart from all of its features and usability, it’s a PC resources …

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