Install SMPlayer 15.11 on Ubuntu 15.10 & 15.04

SMPlayer is a powerful multimedia player preferred by many GNU/Linux users due to its versatile features and it has just been updated to the version 15.11 (including SMTube — its YouTube client, runs independently), bringing minor changes & bug fixes. Despite its features, I think it looks ugly, something that’s designed for kids, which is mainly

Ubuntu Flavors Comparison: Ubuntu 15.10 vs Kubuntu 15.10 vs Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

Ubuntu comes with a couple of different flavors which are largely defined by the desktop environment that’s included in the each flavor, and by the default set of software applications included, to some extent. While there are about nine flavors (official), targeting various kinds of end-users, I thought making a comparison of the three major flavors, specifically concerning their performance (since

Ubuntu 15.10 Review: Less Exciting & Largely Unchanged

Largely unchanged, Ubuntu 15.10 (code named: ‘Willy Werewolf’) is a less exciting release, well, for those that use the desktop version at least. Kernel is updated to version 4.2, to 1.17.2, Compiz and Unity desktop version is still at 7.3.2 (the same version included in Ubuntu 15.04) without any major features as well. The default set

Install ‘ocenaudio’ (Audio Editor) on Fedora 22 & 21

Although not as powerful as Audacity, ocenaudio is still a very intuitive looking, free audio editor, that I actually prefer over Audacity, for my somewhat simple audio editing needs (you know, volume gaining, noise reduction etc). It supports huge number of audio formats (WMA, AAC, OGG, MP3, WAV, AIFF and a lot more) for both

How to Make GNU/Linux (Fedora 22) More Responsive?

Even though Hard disk drives are getting faster and faster, they’re still far behind compared to the speed at which other major hardware components of your computer operate (the CPU, GPU, RAM…). And since the hard disk is also the primary storage device where all your data is located, other more faster components, such as the CPU,

Install PicPick & Skitch Image Editors on Fedora 22

Two tools that I can’t live without when writing articles on this blog are PicPick & Skitch. They’re both excellent image editors, while Skitch being the more intuitive & simple looking one, and PicPick being the one that’s packed with more features, they both, in my opinion, excel at what they do and I make

Install qpdfview (PDF Viewer) on Fedora 22 & 21

‘qpdfview’ is a versatile pdf viewer for GNU/Linux. If you’re using the KDE desktop environment then it might not exactly be a contender, but if you use Gnome3 and frustrated with the amount of customizable features built in to its default document viewer, then qpdfviewer will come in handy!. qpdfview’s user interface is written using