EPUB Reader For Ubuntu Linux – FBReader

If you’re looking for a EPUB viewer (reader) to use in your GNU/Linux operating system, FBReader is a great free application that you should try. It’s free and comes with a user interface that is easy to use. FBReader however does not support the PDF format, except under the Android platform. I primarily use it

SMPlayer 16.1 Released, Adds Video Bookmarking

SMPlayer, the awesome MPLayer (cli) based GUI capable of playing pretty much any multimedia file, has been updated to the version 16.1 which includes a couple of minor bug fixes and a new video bookmarking feature. Like many newer multimedia players, SMPlayer long had the ability to automatically resume from the last position of a video, but this

I Forgot My Administrator Password [Fix]

Yesterday after setting up my CentOS 7 (minimal install) virtual machine, I forgot my administrator password. To make things worse, I didn’t give administrative privileges to the default user (one that you get to create while installing) either. So at the end, I basically ended up with a useless user account (ai yai yai!). Luckily, as a fix, without reinstalling

Install Mixxx 2.0 on Ubuntu 15.10, 15.04, 14.04 LTS & 12.04 LTS

Just as promised, Mixxx developers have announced the official release of Mixxx 2.0!, just before the arrival of the new year 2016. This release brings couple of new features, but much more importantly, technically, this release features a much more improved Mixxx (enhanced audio effects engine and audio sync & beat matching plugins, wider range of audio

Install Glances (system monitor, CLI) on Ubuntu 15.10

‘Glances’ is an extremely powerful command-line based system monitor that I came across a couple of years ago. It’s capable of monitoring various hardware devices (CPU, Memory, Swap-disks, Hard disk drives, Network connections, Processes, System load, Sensors etc) and provide alerts based upon their load. Due to its simplicity & the clever UI design, it makes the life

‘When’ Task Scheduler Gets a PPA, Adds Battery Based Events…

  ‘When’ is a task scheduler application for the Ubuntu desktop users that comes with a set of handy events based configuration settings for defining when a scheduled task should be executed, as mentioned in a previous article. Since then, ‘When’ has received a couple of minor changes, mainly concerning the events where now the users