8 Trends in the Cybersecurity World


Ever since the rise of technological advancements, the world has seen many benefits. However, there have been numerous cyber threats too. 2020 and 2021 saw several US government agencies and multinational companies succumb to the attacks by these mysterious cybercriminals. …

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How IoT Can Help to Reduce Carbon Footprint


There has been so much buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) technology influencing various industries, showing that the world is entering a period of advancement. IoT has proven that the things we could only imagine have now become a …

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Understanding the Difference Between PCIe and NVMe


PCIe and NVMe are widely used computer hardware technologies with different functionalities and capabilities. PCIe, Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, is a computer communication interface connecting components and expansion cards to a motherboard using serial connections. On the other hand, NVMe …

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Top Linux Distros for Web Development in 2023


Linux is the ideal choice for developers and programmers looking for a more practical operating system. Not only is it completely open source but there are over 600 different Linux distributions available, so developers can choose the exact one that …

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How to Convert IMG to ISO in Windows 10/11?


IMG is another kind of file format like ISO. Software distribution and installation medium are available in IMG file format. Also, it is the best way to dump or rip CDs and DVDs in Windows and Mac to archive them. …

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