‘ocenaudio’ is a Fast & a Free Audio Editor for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows & Mac OS X

‘ocenaudio’ is a features rich, free audio editor for Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X, operating systems. Although it runs natively under Ubuntu and looks very intuitive, the interface has a native Mac OS X look which is my only complaint. It supports lots of audio formats (covering both importing & exporting) and loads them pretty quickly when compared to other similar applications, it is pretty impressive.

You can add multiple audio files into its side-bar and then can easily load/unload them very easily as well. It lets you Cut/Copy/Record/Paste/Delete content, Undo/Redo, comes with few popular effects (silence, normalize, invert…)  and filters (equalizer, delay, amplitude…), Waveform & Spectrum generation, Zoom In/Out, has the ability to generate noises, tones etc & edit the ‘meta’ data (these are only a few of its features, there are many others).

The changes you make in the Equalizer (11-band or 31-band) is applied to the track (whether it is being played or not) immediately and has a ‘sound inspector’ icon which once clicked reveals advanced technical details about the audio file. You can export a selected portion of the file or the edited track, and as mentioned in the beginning, it supports a wide range of audio formats (MP3, OGG Vorbis, Flac, WAV, RAW, AAC, ALAC, AMR…).



It has few other handy features that I am not that familiar with to be honest (since I’m not an avid audio editor 🙂 ), but I am sure others will appreciate them nonetheless. I could not also find any information about if it is open-source licensed or not, which might concern some users.


Installing it on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (should work on 10.10 and higher versions) is easy. Go to this page (packages for other OS platforms are also listed there) and download the proper ‘Deb’ package, and once the download finishes, double click on it and follow the instructions on ‘Ubuntu Software Center’.

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  1. Thank you for this great tip! I fight with Audacity for years, always looking for an Ubuntu alternative to Adobe Audition! It seems I finally found it! Can’t wait to put my hands (and hears) on it! 😀


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