‘Nudge’ is a Simple Reminder App for Ubuntu

While sitting in front of your computer if you kinda lose the track of time and think you’d be better of with an application that reminds you to get things done, then ‘Nudge’ is a simple utility that will come in handy (it does for me at least).

Once opened it’ll run from the system tray area and will remind you about your manually entered upcoming ‘events’ by using notification messages as shown below. When you click on its icon (check mark) it opens up the main window which shows a list of current reminders and can also be used to add new or remove existing ones.

You can use the built in calender and the time-box for setting up the remainder (s), and use the top box for entering a name or a description. ‘Nudge’ also supports reminding an activity everyday automatically including the ability to notify you about an event 15/30/40/60 minutes before it happens as well.


When running from the background it needs about 13.3MB and when you open its configuration window it expands up to 16.5MB. It’s not that lightweight when considering its interface and all that. Now this is not a criticism and perhaps it’s because I’m not a programmer that I feel like this but a lot of new software tools that I’ve seen in Ubuntu require lots of memory while running when comparing with their features etc.

For example, recently I decided to write about a new wallpaper changer but ended up deciding not writing about it because it needed like 50MB+ to run. I’d very much like to hear an opinion from a programmer concerning this.


Anyway, right now it only supports Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, if interested, you can use the below command to install it.

sudo apt-get install nudge

If you want it to run automatically when the desktop loads, then add it to the ‘Startup Applications’ list manually. For that, after installing search for ‘startup applications’ in Dash and run the tool.

Then click on the ‘Add’ button and put anything under the ‘Name’ field but for the command use the below one.


Then click on the ‘Add’ button and now you’re done.

Any issues?

It crashed once I was using it (more liked got stuck) but other than that it’s working really well. If it gets stuck on you too, then enter the below command in your Terminal window to terminate it. Then re-open it using the ‘Dash’.

killall nudge

I don’t think the stuck incident is a major issues because it only happened once (so far ;-)), and apart from its memory consumption, I like it!.

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5 thoughts on “‘Nudge’ is a Simple Reminder App for Ubuntu”

  1. in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:
    E: Unable to locate package nudge

    Guys, kindly mail me in case you find similar analog or working solution, please.


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